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Hi, I'm new to the group and I have been interested in SL for a couple of weeks now.

I desperately want to try this program - while still confused about where to start (and how this will help my tummy area) - the biggest task for me is getting into the lifting room and just doing it. How do you work yourself up at a gym full of men to do this program? I don't have the luxury of buying a ton of equipment and squat rack for at home right now.

Tips please (and thank you) :smile:


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    I just started a few weeks ago and know exactly how you're feeling.

    Honestly, and people told me this and I didn't believe it, they don't care. Just go in there and do your thing. Some of them know less than you do, especially if you've been studying videos and reading about the program. If, for some reason, they give you a problem, show them your membership card - you pay to be there the same they do.

    If you're unsure about the equipment, ask one of the staff at the gym to show you how to use it - that's what I did (I didn't even know how to secure the weights to the barbell).

    After about 6 weeks, I just strut in there and up to the open squat rack and get my workout on. Even had a couple of the guys comment on my form - all supportive and instructive and helpful.

    Don't let the fear hold you back. Just get in there already! :happy:

    Tip to get started: print out the Summary posted on this group and take it with you. Tells you pretty much all you need to know.
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    You can try for a quiet time at the gym, or just stick some headphones in and ignore them. Most of the guys at my gym are either working out in pairs or solo & don't talk to each other, let alone me. I like it that way!

    Your stomach & core gets a workout because it's doing a lot of work to stabilise you when you're hefting that bar around. I couldn't do one sit-up when I started without someone holding my feet, and last night i just lay down and cranked out 7 (that's after 16 sessions in 10 weeks: if you lift more regularly, you'll get faster results). I stopped at 7 because my calves hurt, not because my abs were having any issues.

    Get in there and enjoy yourself!