Anyone challenged when they feel under the weather?

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I've been on the edge of getting a cold for a few days now. I haven't succumbed to it, but my glands feel swollen and my throat is scratchy, plus I feel a teeny bit tired and whiny. Does anyone else feel like they want to eat more when you feel sick?

It might also be that food doesn't taste right or the same so I keep eating things? I'm not sure...theories?

Is there any way to combat this feeling of wanting to eat more, other than just mind over matter??? Strategies?

I'm still working out consistently because I'm not totally ill, so I feel good about that, but I went over calories I just want to eat chips! Grrrrr....


  • Hope you feel much better soon! I find that if I up my liquid intake, more water and more herbal tea, that makes me feel better when I feel a bug coming on. Being dehydrated can go along with cold symptoms and will make you feel more hungry, but you are actually thirsty.

    Not feeling right can make being active a real drag, sometimes literally, so try to keep hydrated and do gentle exercise. that might perk you up and help you fight off the nasties.

    And most importantly, don't beat yourself up of you go over the calories when you are not feeling 100%, you can always get back into more exercise when you feel stronger again. :flowerforyou:
  • jezama77
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    Thanks for the encouragement! It is easy to get discouraged. I bet the body wouldn't want to give up any weight when not 100%, so I won't be too hard on myself! And I drink water like crazy! :)
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    I've felt the same way this week :( I found Wednesday to be my roughest day. What helped me was that I had already organized a workout with a friend and I felt bad backing out, so I thought well, I would go ahead and try it. I would do it half halfheartedly, but do something. I found that it did wipe me out more for a little bit, but by next day I was feeling better!

    I also get whiny and make sure you have good choices like baby carrots instead of a bag of chips for comfort food. Hang in there this will pass!
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    When I start to feel under the weather I start taking Zinc and it usually will make it better or at least end faster.
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    I appreciate all the responses! Having better choices to munch on when I do feel hungry helps! I am continuing taking Vitamin C and I think there is zinc in it too. :) I feel much better, but still not 100%, but I am continuing with my workouts. I love this group to help keep me on track! Thanks, everyone!