Diet.. for want of a better word.

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I've been trying to cut fat / gain muscle since July now and am defo more strong looking. People keep telling me I've lost weight etc, and I can see it in my face and clothes.

Now.. as I start training for strongman I am concious that a defecit is no good anymore. I've not logged my food but my old habits are creeping back.. puddings and sweet stuff.

My questions are about whether the PL type of diet of 'clean' is best for strongman and what calories I should be looking at?
I am pescetarian (was veggie but added fish in recently for protein). And take protein supplement (whey).

My calories have been 1580 till the last couple of days - I think my maintenance is around 1800 as I'm 5'3" and 81kg

Thanks for any advice. :) I'd love to feel stronger without feeling fat if it's at all possible. :)


  • littlebigsteve
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    im doing the carbnite thing, sorta stumbled onto it had heard alot from Mark Bell on in from the powerproject....but i started the anabolic diet then upon alot of research i realized backloading which is the carbnite athelete version is basicly the updated anabolic diet....anyway ive gone from 243 to 224 in a month...i also stopped eating fast food lol but i feel great by no means am i sponserd by these diets but backloading is working as well as anabolic did and i get to eat carbs