fitness buddy?

sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
hey ya'll (: I'm Sierra
I'm looking for a specific friend in a way.. someone that has the same goals as me, checks in often, and records daily.
i am 6'1'' tall, started at 260 and am down to 205.
i would like someone to actually talk to every once-in-awhile. through messaging on here is fine! i am just looking for more of a buddy that i can get to know and can motivate one-on-one (:

although, if you don't fit the person above, still feel free to add me as a friend! I'm always looking for more friends to add to my list to help keep me motivated, and who i can motivate in return (: i record daily and get on here to check-in throughout the day!

happy tuesday everyone (:


  • sierra_12
    sierra_12 Posts: 249 Member
    bump (:
  • _Kitten_Kate
    _Kitten_Kate Posts: 520 Member
    You can add me. I log every day. Don't get on the Boards very often. But try to check in with friends who are posting regularly.
  • kittycollins7
    kittycollins7 Posts: 34 Member
    feel free to add me, i am on the site a lot and use the app all the time. you can also message me whenever :)