Finding your 1RM

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I am new to crossfit and am finding it dificult to find my one rep max on exercises. By the time you work your way through weights trying to get there it seems I am exhausted to try what could be my 1RM.

Did anyone else come across the same issues? I guess my next attempt I will have a baseline to improve from, but I found this a bit frustrating.


  • Mummyadams
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    I know what you mean - we don't really try to find out 1RM so I don't even know what mine is.
  • kelr0110
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    I felt that way - but it is the first time of course. Then you think you can do maybe 5lbs more and it's ridiculous heavy. I think next time you'll be able to lift more.

    We did deadlifts and my 1RM was 193#. A few weeks later we did the 3RM and I already knew where to jump up to - which was a few steps down from my 1RM and was able to do 195# for my yea I would agree with that, you'll be hulk next time lol
  • shaywallis
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    I agree, its frustrating. We were trying to find our 1RM for Deadlifts last weeks. I lifted the 135# like 4 times. It was nothing. I could have lifted it AT LEAST 4 more times. But yea, I tried to lift 155# afterwards and it wouldnt budge! I was pretty bummed.
  • juicemoogan
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    This week at my box is 1RM Testing..

    tonight is Bench and Deadlift... im very interested to find out where im at!
  • juicemoogan
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    YAY.. tonight I did Bench and Deads 1rm testing!

    Bench - 90lbs - thats 15lbs more than I ever tried before...and i may have even gone another 5 but we ran out of time..
    Deads - 180lbs... Thats more than I weigh!!
  • PaleoChocolateBear
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    Yeah it be difficult, I normally during 1 rep max week is try to get heavier sooner, I focus more on the weight then the sets. I'll even sometimes start out with just the bar to warm up and get loose then get to the weight.
  • As a newbie, some things can be frustrating. But you have the right idea. Now you have your baseline and have a better starting point for the next time as you work up to your 1RM. Good Luck!
  • Skeena4
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    I would imagine that finding your 1RM the first time would be tougher (I've only done it once too) but the next time it comes along, you can start at a higher weight and be less tired... at least that's what I hope will happen :-)
  • JanieJack
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    I've never figured a 1RM for anything yet... but one thing I know is that (for me) working my way up by adding weight slowly has actually helped me lift more than I ever thought possible. I guess because so much of it is mental. I remember a month or two ago was the first time I did deadlifts, and I didn't think I'd get over 100lbs. The guys cheered and pushed me on til I got to 240.