Modifying WOD's for an Injured Knee

After having pain in my knees for a while, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. She advised that I have osteoarthritis in my knees and need to rest them for a couple weeks. I'm willing to change things up for a couple weeks, but I'm not willing to skip out on WOD's. I'm going to cut out running, anything that involves jumping, and possibly lay off any weighted squats for a couple weeks. I plan on chatting with the trainers today to see what their opinions are.

Have any of you had to modify WOD's due to lower body injury? How did that work for you?


  • madmags
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    I have a pulled calf I have been dealing with for 2 weeks now. I have eliminated all running, instead I do rowing. I have also eliminated any jumps or anything that torques my calf, I usually just add in more rowing.
  • kelr0110
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    I was told I popped my kneecap a month ago - after doing lateral jumps in a WOD. Long story short I had a feeling they were incorrect (it was a physician assistant) and switched doc offices and got another opinion. Turns out my ACL is torn I have surgery tomorrow.

    Anyway, relevancy to the story is for the past month I was told I could modify things and do strengthening and stuff still. I would sub in something else in the WOD if it was something I knew I couldn't do with the bum knee. Like Thrusters and pull ups, say, I would do push press since it was less of a bend and pull ups. Or if it was box jumps, I would just get down and do situps or flutter kicks.

    The coaches would be able to tell you I'm certain and I think you know what all the exercises/skills are by now that you could sub in what you wanted and felt comfortable with. Honestly I haven't been back to my box becasue new month came up and I wasn't spending $125 when I couldn't do half the stuff. So I have been keeping an eye on the posted WOD and modifying it myself at the rec center. I am shocked they have pretty much everything I need there...someone must be a crossfitter at that place lol.

    Anyway good luck with it! Please take it easy and let them rest a couple weeks, i wish that is the news i heard - i'm out months lol.
    MDLNH Posts: 587 Member
    I'm just coming back from a knee injury . . . I also limited my running and high-impact activities, but found cycling on a stationary bike, while boring, helped to speed-up my recovery time. I also use a knee brace.

    For my WODs, I defintely scaled back on the weights and worked through my reps and sets a little slower. **I also used this as a chance to improve some of my upper-body movements and mechanics. It's taken about 6-weeks, but last night my knee felt great and I was able to complete the stregth portion of the WOD ... but for the box-jump portion, I used step-ups (because they are lower-impact).

    Bottom line (stolen from my trainer) - Better to take it slow for recovery and scale the WODs, then to blow out your knee and be done for months because of surgery.

    *Also, if the pain/injury persists or gets worse . . . Stop and make an appointment to see a doctor or medical provider.
  • Abells
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    i have a walking boot for a fracture in my fibula -- I do rowing. Step ups if needed but no jumping.

    All upper body - T2B, pull-ups (wear a weight vest to to make it harder)

    I do all lifts but squats and do them off my knees - have video if needed.

    Since it is your knee - just stick with all upper body workouts. YOur trainer can help - HSPU's, sit ups, windshield wipers, pull-ups, K2E, T2B, push-ups, dips, ring dips, muscle ups, bench press, hollow rocks and holds, russian twists, med ball cleans, OH plate holds...
  • Mummyadams
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    I ruined my knee (particularly left) while doing a lot of running. For some reason I am stil able to do short sprints in WOD's, but I row instead of the runs and avoid pistol squats.
    Definately modify your WOD's and give yourself plenty of time for recovery - good luck!