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Im Carrie, I am 36w3d along and scheduled for induction at 39w2d because I ended up getting a blood clot that went almost the entire length of my leg a couple months ago and since I am on Lovenox (blood thinner) They want to do as controlled a delivery as posible, though knowing I could go anyday. I have 3 other children, a 7 yo and a 2 yo and a son who passed away to a heart defect 5 years ago as an infant. We're currently expecting our 2nd boy. I am obese, I was told to gain no more than 12lbs but Ive hit 18lbs which Im ok with!! I was never obese before my kids!! Its all from being pregnant before and making horrible choices! Ive been awesome this time around though, exercising almost daily and eating smaller portions when i do eat junk! Im very very proud that i did not gain another 50lbs as with my other kids. As of now i am 1.5cm dilated and contracting every day after working out, nothing regular or getting stronger but theyre uncomfortable none the less lol. anywho i do leslie sansone's in home walking routines on youtube! I love them!!! I also lift light weights. This is our last babe and Im hoping I can lose about 160lbs within the next few years, of course some of it is pregnancy weight so probably more like 140lbs. so thats me in a nutshell


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    Hi! Welcome to the group.
    Congrats on the baby, and all the best for the future weight loss. The most important thing I think in your situation is to give it time. It took a while to put it on, so it will take a while to get it off, but it seems you are already heading in the right, healthy direction! All the best for birth, and with the contractions each day!
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    Sounds like you are really close to your time! I'm on heperin injections as well, as I have a blood clotting disorder that caused 5 miscarriages after the birth of my first child. I get to stop at 34 weeks though, so I will be having this baby at home. Well done on the weight gain, you may well be under your pre-pregnancy weight once you give birth which will be a great start to your weight loss journey. Feel free to add me as a friend!
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    Thanks for your responses!! I notice that every week now that i do gain even a lb my midwife says its from the swelling in my leg from my clot, its not pretty!! It gets pretty swollen no matter what i do! I drink a lot of water prop it up i try not to stand or sit in one spot for long without moving it i exercise but it does no good, looks like Ill be purchasing compression stockings soon :/ but I have to do what I have to do!!!

    It did take a long time to put this weight on, 9 months i gained 100lbs with my oldest. I get hyperemesis and i was on phenergan with her and had a very very insatiable appetite and before I knew it BAM!!!! theres a ton of weight! I lost 50lbs in between each kiddo BUT gained exactly 50 back during each pregnancy but between my youngest and this one i lost nothing! It probably wasnt the greatest idea to conceive bc of my weight but we did. the funny part is, is i dont FEEL like I weigh what i weigh!! I even get people telling me theres no way i weigh this much but i do. Im very dedicated to my health right now esecially since developing this clot. My obesity plus pregnancy is most likely what caused it and it scared me into wanting to be healthier.