Depression - Same old, same old.

I know there's probably a lot of topics here surrounding depression, but after battling with it for three years I feel like this group is a pretty good place for me to be. Is it possible to overcome depression WITHOUT close friends? Nobody sees me regularly (I live with my boyfriend, but he works full time and has his own life and hobbies so I can't expect him to devote all his time to me) and I'm struggling to get by on my own, so was wondering if anybody has any pointers?
I know this is just paranoia coming out, but please, nobody judge me. I'm sick of people rolling their eyes at depression and acting like it's an attention seeking imaginary "problem". It's really not. I'm just desperate.


  • returntorural
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    I've been in a similar situation and I can tell you that it IS possible to overcome depression (or at least get it to a managable level) without leaning too heavily on others (except maybe your doctor). My closest friends live states away and my husband is always on the road. Being alone often just means you have all the more time to work on yourself and accomplish smal things without others being there to roll their eyes or ask you for the millionth time "what's wrong with you?"

    You've got to work with your doctor or therapist closely. Be honest and open. I've found cognitive behavioral therapy very helpful, maybe it would help you as well.

    You're definitely not alone and you can feel better. It just takes work and some courage.

    Blessed be.
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    People acting as if I should be able to just snap out of it is my biggest pet peeve of all time, concerning any and all issues in my life. You are not alone.

    I am currently unemployed while my bf works and goes to school, so I am home alone a lot, too. I usually like it that way, but some days it's overwhelmingly lonely. I hear you on that so, so much.

    I use the internet to help. MFP has a huge social aspect to it and that's where 90% of my social interaction comes from. I post some on FB, mostly cat pictures. It's silly but seeing them really helps me feel like I'm at least able to see something beautiful.

    I sleep a lot. But lately I've been trying to sleep with the blinds open to get some sunlight in, even if I'm just in bed or playing video games.

    I have cats, too. Having another living, breathing creature dependent on me helps A LOT. When things were the absolute worst and I didn't trust myself with an animal, I had a plant.
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    I think the combined response of every post on the thread contains the answers you are looking for:

    From qurkytizzy: Expressing compassion to self and another living thing; Staying socially connected, even if it's only online; Paying attention to the small stuff eg. looking for and noticing things of beauty around us.

    From Returntorural: Compassion, honest, courage and therapy

    And from you: Having the courage to overcome the paranoia and reach out to others. Well done :flowerforyou:

    It's easier to overcome depression if you have close friends who you see regularly, but many don't have them or don't see them and still recover. That doesn't mean you have to do this alone, please try and get some help or join a support group.
  • Do what feels best for you at the time. That's something I'm learning. I've recently cut myself off from friends and it's oddly doing wonders for me. It's helping me re-connect w/myself and not feel as though I'm "letting someone down" (in quotes because it's usually just my own perception). I know I'll eventually get back to connecting more w/others, but for now, this is right.

    Best of luck and know you aren't alone.