Today's small achievements



  • ruwise
    ruwise Posts: 265 Member
    I went out and bought 2 sports bras (at £60) they are a symbol of my commitment to the cause which 3 months in is unprecedented in about a decade.
  • mummyzena
    mummyzena Posts: 259 Member
    My 2 nsv are
    1. If i dance or do a little wiggle both my jeans fall down.
    2. My sports bra is now too big on the band to wear comfortably... Only bought it 8 weeks ago, my goal is to fit in the crop top style sports bra.
  • emblu
    emblu Posts: 272 Member
    my achievement today is i played rugby and didn't get injured, oh happy days:bigsmile:
    bruising doesn't count as injury:laugh:
    oh and we won yhey
  • debs398
    debs398 Posts: 24 Member
    My achievement yesterday was getting home after walking 9.5 miles and not having to take pain killers, my body must finally be getting used to it!
  • kendrafallon
    kendrafallon Posts: 1,030 Member
    I live in Leicester and work in Rugby. Most days I car share, with a chappie who does the same, but for a different company. On the days when he can give me a lift, I take the bus. And I used to walk from home to the bus station to get the bus to Rugby. Last few months I've been lazy and taken the bus into town.

    But not today, today I walked just over 2miles from my house to the bus station.
  • shelagh50
    shelagh50 Posts: 16 Member
    try using a smaller bowl for your portion, I found that helped me.
  • well done everyone on daily achievements :heart: it's hard to keep motivated but we're not on our own now, we've got MFP :heart: go go us :bigsmile:
  • poetical333
    poetical333 Posts: 20 Member
    Spent the weekend in London, not really making healthy choices about food but doing lots of walking to make up for it. Yesterday I walked so far that I earned myself a large glass of Baileys when I got home!

    Trying to get back on track today.
  • Cycled 6 miles yesterday. Was aiming for 15 miles but poor weather meant I had to shorten my ride.
  • gizmo1166
    gizmo1166 Posts: 27 Member
    My achievement for today is, being organised so I could starting tracking again!! Bought low fat sandwich and fruit on way to work to avoid the chocolate machine and Snacks at work! And I've tracked everything so far today..yeah me!
  • ruwise
    ruwise Posts: 265 Member
    I did the first day of the 30 Day Shred. I hated it but I did it with only a few rest breaks. Not sure it is my type of exercise but I'm going to get through it and see how I feel in a few weeks.
  • missdaisy79
    missdaisy79 Posts: 566 Member
    Today I've done half my squats for the 30 day squat challenge, which means only another 70 to do when I get in. I've not had the best day eating wise as someone brought in love hearts, and I love those things...still, I'm working out with my dance troupe later so hopefully I can burn off a few love heart calories.
  • cat_g_83
    cat_g_83 Posts: 18 Member
    Well done all. These look great.

    Today's was walking to my college class. It is 2 miles and would be really easy to get the bus but I did it and it took me about 30 mins.
  • samgolod
    samgolod Posts: 93 Member
    only one piece of peanut butter on toast after dropping the kids at school - normally it's two which always leaves me short on calories later in the day...
  • carolyn0613
    carolyn0613 Posts: 162 Member
    Hi, I like this idea so joining in. Hope that's ok!

    I went to a party on Friday and ate well (extremely well!) over my calories. I have since had 3 days of eating under calories so today am back on track for the week. Also I didn't feel hungry during these three days so it wasn't too hard. We shall see tomorrow when I do a weigh in....
  • ms_leanne
    ms_leanne Posts: 523
    Did first day of 30DS yesterday after my run. Didn't have any hand weights but have some now for my session later today.
  • eatrunstretch
    eatrunstretch Posts: 233 Member
    Really liking this thread!

    Today I finally went to the gym and started the New Rules of Lifting for Women; squat rack, olympic barbell and all! It wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be and I really enjoyed it.
  • Cherryripple
    Cherryripple Posts: 27 Member
    Having not had a chocolate bar (usually my daily guilty pleasure) in a week and purposely not buying any; I had just two Lindt Lindor balls (milk choc.) from a box that a friend bought me.
  • Batesey35
    Batesey35 Posts: 30 Member
    Today's small achievement is quite a stonker actually - I have had to go cold turkey on chocolate to do the MFP calorie diet, I am not a moderation kind of gal when it comes to chocolate. Today, I had a raving sweet tooth and my husband had kindly left a bag of Thornton misshapes in the cupboard. I admit, I took a small, broken, lonely looking one and popped it in my mouth.

    My achievement was that I spat it out because IT WAS TOO SWEET!! How did that happen? I can't believe that I would cheerfully sit through a whole bag of those without being sick!

  • kendrafallon
    kendrafallon Posts: 1,030 Member
    Today's small achievement is quite a stonker actually - I have had to go cold turkey on chocolate to do the MFP calorie diet, I am not a moderation kind of gal when it comes to chocolate.
    What be this MFP calorie diet you talk of *scratches head looking puzzled*. Well done on going cold turkey on the chocolate, I have to say, it's not something I could ever cut out entirely.