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Introducing Myself

jwcomputergirl Posts: 126 Member
Hi All! Excited to join this group! I'm just about at my goal weight, I do cardio 7 days a week, do circuit training 5 days a week, dropped from size 16 to size 8 and GUESS WHAT! I have 34% body fat! WTH??? :) So now I truly understand what 'skinny fat' means. It's taken me a LONG time to understand this concept.

So, I'm looking at the Strong Lifts website now ( ). What he says is making perfect sense and resonating with me, but the site and the entire presentation sound... hmmmm.... too marketing gimmicky/spammy? I mean it's like 'click here in the next five minutes' and 'free starter kit'. Am I setting myself up for some hardcore sales pitches? What do you all think about his site and the free downloads available from it?

Anyway, I am very excited to begin this next phase of my journey!


  • cleotherio
    cleotherio Posts: 712 Member
    Welcome to the group! I get Mehdi's daily email from stronglifts. He does push the "inner circle" membership all the time (something I have no interest in ever paying for), but he also has a ton of great free info and links on his site.

    There's a really good summary of SL at the top of the board here. It's a little less texty and more straightforward than on the SL site.
  • lwoodroff
    lwoodroff Posts: 1,431 Member
    welcome! I get all my support from here not the official site :)
  • jwcomputergirl
    jwcomputergirl Posts: 126 Member
    Oh, thank you for pointing out that summary! SO much easier to read than his site and that .pdf encyclopedia!