WEEK 2 (MAY 8-MAY 14)

ashleyeliz25 Posts: 141 Member
Week 2 already!!! Week 2 starts Wednesday May 8th and ends Tuesday May 14th (7 days).

What goals do you have for Week 2?

Are you setting your goal higher or lower than last week? Keep in mind setting your goal lower can be a good thing too especially if you feel like your body needs some rest (we don't want any injuries!!!)

Are you changing anything this week that you did or didn't do last week?

Do you have new goals for this week that you didn't try for week 1? Or goals that you weren't able to accomplish during week 1?

Just some questions to get you thinking about Week 2 :)


  • mammakisses
    mammakisses Posts: 604 Member
    I didn't reach my goal on week 1 so I'll try again.

    In week 2, I want to walk different paths with hills to work those legs and buns.

    Do some kickboxing workouts from youtube.

    Bike some more.
  • kyleyjo1
    kyleyjo1 Posts: 27
    I reached my 1200 calorie goal last week, but just barely and most was in one day. My goals for week 2 are 2000 calories burned, 800 calories higher than last week, and to spread it out a little better. I am also doing a squat challenge and keeping right along. This week includes the end of finals, so I'm going to have to get my butt to the gym a little more often than I have been. Good to get rid of some of this stress...
  • luisalg14
    luisalg14 Posts: 202 Member
    Week 2 is probably going to be slower for me, because I'm going to Vegas Thursday night, coming back Monday night. I don't think I'm only going to continue with the May crunches challenge while over there, so will have to make up in my other days.
    So tomorrow and Thursday, I'm going to try to kill it, then hope for an energetic Tuesday when I'm back. If I can manage to burn 700 each day, I should still be good on my end of month goal.
    Good luck everybody!
  • lorihov
    lorihov Posts: 43 Member
    I'm going to change my goal for the month. With so many renovation happening and yard work, I won't be getting as many workout in. My goal for this week is 1200, if I can get that much in on top of everything that is going on I will be pleased.
  • elizajane1
    elizajane1 Posts: 23 Member
    well I did better than I thought I would for week one! I burned 5061!!! :)
    I would like to make at least 5000 for week 2
  • erinprattavila
    erinprattavila Posts: 24 Member
    I too did better than I thought!! I am hoping I can do as well next week. My goal will be to try other machines at the gym besides the elliptical. I don't care for the treadmill so maybe a stair climber or bike. Hard to break old habits, but we will see. Good luck everyone, lets go burn some calories. :bigsmile:
  • Amerielle
    Amerielle Posts: 153 Member
    I am setting a goal again of 2000 cals burned but I am going to try to go over because after this week I have a couple of really crazy busy work and kid activity filled weeks. I need a buffer going into them if possible to meet my month goal of 8000.
  • My goal for this week is exactly the same as last... 6,300 calories!!
  • Delll2013
    Delll2013 Posts: 73
    Looking back at this week, I'm satisfied with how things went. I exceeded my goal by 1000 but I could have pushed even harder.

    The aim for this week is:
    - increase the distance ran outside/treadmill by at least 10%
    - take a long walk at a brisk pace on my rest day
    - take at least one class in the gym for variation (just tried bikram yoga yesterday and loved it)
    - increase the duration of my workouts by 10 minutes every day

    I hope this will take me to at least 4000 calories on week 2.
  • wtw0n
    wtw0n Posts: 1,083 Member
    My goal for this week is 5500 since I'm not gonna do super intense cardio exercises this week (finished Insanity on Monday so I'm gonna take it easy this week and then start doing Insanity and some other workouts again). I may go way over if I bike a lot, though.
  • ChangeIsADecision
    ChangeIsADecision Posts: 778 Member
    I did better than I thought last week so I'm UPPPPPin' my goal!!

    Last week I did 1,952 calories burned - THIS WEEK i'm going for 2,000!!! Not sure I'll make it but I'm gonna try!!
    I've got 134 in already... ha!!
  • ajhouse
    ajhouse Posts: 584 Member
    M goal for last week was 700-1000 and I burned 974. I am going to aim for at least 1000 this week.
  • Alotalove4u
    Alotalove4u Posts: 67 Member
    Week - 2 Goal burn 2200 calories

    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

    And I am going to try and eat 900 calories.. :bigsmile:
  • airant
    airant Posts: 146 Member
    My challange for this week is 4000, since last week was 3300 and i when over,, so I can do it!!!
  • airant
    airant Posts: 146 Member
    Week - 2 Goal burn 2200 calories

    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

    And I am going to try and eat 900 calories.. :bigsmile:

    Why you wanna eat 900 calories, thats not good for you,
  • BakerRunnerBadass
    BakerRunnerBadass Posts: 1,356 Member
    Increasing this weeks to make up for the bit that I was short last week. Aiming for 5,621.
  • Alotalove4u
    Alotalove4u Posts: 67 Member
    @Airant, I know it's not but Im drinking alot of protein, Im just getting frustrated and I want to loose this weight ASAP!!!!!
    and I tried eating 2300 cal a day and didnt loose anything, so I figured taking in fewer calories, Then I should see a change, Im only doing this for this week..Thanks so much for the advice...
  • falu1975
    falu1975 Posts: 12 Member
    My goal for week 2 is 2,700 and do some free weights
  • wtw0n
    wtw0n Posts: 1,083 Member
    Week 2 (8.-14.5.)
    5/8: 827 (Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum + Tummy Tuck, TurboFire - Stretch 10, bicycling 39km)

    Week 2 Total: 827
    Week 2 Goal: 5500 (15%)
    May Total: 7142
    May Goal: 24000 (29.76%)

  • juliasnewlife
    juliasnewlife Posts: 50 Member
    Goal 2400

    I WILL make it this week!