How do you...

Penny427 Posts: 166 Member
How do you study your Bible? I was trying to read it through in a year following the guide in the back of the book...then I came to Numbers and man is that one ever a challenge to get through...I skipped it and started reading Psalms...but just reading isn't doing a whole lot for me..any advice?


  • jcjsjones
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    I have found the best way for me to study my Bible is to be in a small group. I still read it when I'm alone, but listening to other's interpretation always helps me understand better.
  • spoarch21
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    I usually do best when I study something specific. Something pertaining to what I'm going through, a specific topic, or as the previous poster said in small group studies or book studies. I've been surprised at how many scriptures I cover when just looking for one particular topic.
  • jzbjjm
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    I do better in Bible Study @ church (it's a small group). I gain so much more from that. I've recently have started doing it on my own time following the study in the back of the bible. It's funny i use the study guide from one bible to use in another bible. The study has a yearly morning devotional and reading the bible in a year study guide. I use both. I use the short scripture in the morning and the read the bible (lengthier scriptures) in the evening. I also have a journal and reflect (whether it be writing my prayer or just thoughts that come to mind) therefore I can reflect on them later.

    Also, ask for the holy spirit to guide you and to understand what you are reading. I understand trying to read it on your own and not being able to succeed. I had read up until 1 or 2 Kings at one point and just couldn't stay awake no matter when I tried to move forward. God will guide you and he'll ensure (if we ask for guidance) that we get what we need out of it.

    I'll be praying for God to assist you in your bible study. Praise be to God, Have a blessed day!