Destructive Co-worker

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At work several of us have decided to start eating better and exercising, and while we're not always perfect, we definitely try. But, in our cubeville, we have one destructive coworker.

This woman, who had not done it in months, suddenly decided last week to start bringing in candy, I think M&Ms. I don't know, I don't care. But what is annoying is that now I know they're there, especially when it's refilled. She sits right next to me. I wouldn't say she was being destructive (and I don't mean this in a malicious way either), except that she doesn't eat candy, said she would like to loose a few pounds, knows people around her are trying to watch foods/loose weight, and said she just brought them in for others. The most weak willed of us (who I don't think is really giving it a try, but just making the motions) just goes for handful after handful, trying to say "You don't need those" just nets a dismissive response of "I know". I gave up after the 3rd day of trying to encourage him.

Do you have that destructive co-worker, friend, or family member?


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    My husband, he has some really bad days of offering me some of the worse stuff, or if I am tired and don't want to cook, throwing out the going out card rather than him cook. He is finally seeing his pattern and starting to change it, which is great. Tonight he had a chocolate milk. He did no like it and said it tasted funny, I tried it and it was soo good. He asked if I wanted it, but then said "Wait no, I am sorry" and When I said I could have the rest it would just max my calories for the day he said "Are you suure?" and I said no and walked away lol. He even made sure that I had calories left for a snack he was having in case I wanted to half it. I appreciated it, lied and said I did have enough, but did not want it. I didn't have enough calories by like 10, but I appreciated him trying :)
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    The first month of my healthy eating, one of my co-workers kept asking, "Are you getting tired of eating carrots? I'm getting tired of watching you eat carrots". I got a bit irritated (but didn't say anything). By the end of the 2nd month---especially when I still made healthy choices while out of town for a training---she realized I was in it for the long haul. Now she compliments me for my determination. When she brought doughnuts for St. Patrick's Day (her name is Pat), she also brought fresh fruit for those of us who are eating more healthfully. And, she joined the gym with us!
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    I work at a major food company so there is always some type of food around. Work can definitely be challenging for sure. There's always someone offering food, telling you there is food in the pantry, bringing cookies back from meetings. It's funny I have a candy dish on my desk and lots of people stop by for candy. When it's there I'll get complaints it's too tempting and when it's empty I'll get complaints that they need candy. So either way you can't win. I work in a large department so there are always going to be people who are watching and people who either don't care or don't have to. It's hard finding a medium of happiness. Right now my dish has been empty for awhile because I don't want to be tempted but I thought just the other day that next time I go to the store I need to buy some candy. Just because I can't have any or don't want any doesn't mean somebody else might not want a treat.
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    Just because I can't have any or don't want any doesn't mean somebody else might not want a treat.
    I don't disagree with this, and I've never said anything to the lady who has the candy about not putting it either because it's her desk, her choice, and my choices shouldn't have a negative impact on something she wants to do. And I don't want to sound like that healthy eating high and mighty prick (Pretty sure it does happen though :( ). I think it gets at me more because I know the one co worker is weak willed (and we all sit next to each other and she sees him eat them) and will eat them for no other reason than he can, and I want him to make good choices (though I stopped saying anything to him, see high and mighty comment above).

    I am very thankful I haven't been tempted to eat any so far, as a can of coke someone opens usually makes me want one, but the sound of the M&Ms hitting the jar does not. (Not even the thought of blue bell dutch chocolate ice cream has been tempting me, whoohoo)
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    Gosh, tricky one. I know I want to try and help everybody that says they want to lose weight, but the reality is you can't control their choices about food (or anything for that matter!). I sometimes wish that making rational comments would help, when you really want them to do well and they just don't! It's frustrating, but all you can do is concentrate on you, and hope that you provide an inspiration that gets your co-worker thinking. Because until they fully commit to losing the weight, it's your best option. And go you for not being tempted!
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    I think I've mentioned her before, but my roommate. She gets that I'm trying to lose weight and eat healthier, so it's not like she's forcing me to eat food. However, I think she feels a bit bummed that we don't eat dinner a lot together, especially since she never gets home before 8, and I eat dinner at 6.
    Whenever I'm home making dinner I save her a plate, and it's nice because it helps me only take what I should. And I always make good choices about breakfast and lunch. Dinner has always felt like the challenge. There's a big bonus though! When I was at my parent's for Mother's Day, my mom commented that I looked thinner, then told my dad it was probably because I wasn't eating his giant dinners! And I think it's pretty true, because most nights at home I just have some sort of protein and a veggie (yay, steamables!) and not much else (sometimes pasta though).