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I've recently embarked on the C25K programme I'm currently on the first week of the NHS app, which is a great format but I think it may get annoying pretty quickly, so I've been looking around & come across the Zombie Run app.

Just looking for advice on whether anyone has tried either or both & which they would recommend for a beginner runner??? Or is there no difference really?

Any help would be great, or other options???



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    I've been doing the zombie run 5K .... I kind of assumed all c25k programs would be fairly similar in their break down boy was I wrong!!

    week 3 NHS
    Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk,
    two repetitions of 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking,
    3 minutes of running,
    3 minutes of walking.

    Zombie run 5k - week 3
    5 minutes of walking
    5 minutes of free form run (run or walk)
    1 minute of running, 1 minute of walking, 10 knee lifts - 5 times
    8 minute free form run
    2 minutes of stretching
    8 minute of free form run

    From the looks of it I'd have said NHS was probably the wiser option for beginners... that said I'm sticking with zombies, I really like having the storyline (though apparently its fairly minimal in the 5k one, in comparison to the proper zombie run app), listening to my own music and it was easier to get onto my phone, which was my main reason for going with it... lol.
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    I'm using the Zombie 5k app too. Having tried a variety of apps and podcasts, Zombie run is the only one that's held my interest and has me actually wanting to go out and run to find out what happens next.

    I'm not a runner, though I've attempted to go running regularly on several occasions using a few different apps. Even now, I've only just got back in to using the app (will be starting Week 2 this week)

    A couple of groups you may be interested in:
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    The original C25K is the cool runnings one, I recommend it

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    Thanks for the help guys, you're the best :smile: