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Hi all!!!

Post your totals for Week 2 (May 8-May 14) on here :)

How did Week 2 go for everyone? Did you meet your goals? Did you try any new workouts or recipes? Did you learn any new tips about health and exercise? Share any thoughts or ask any questions for others to respond to if you'd like!

Everyone is doing such a great job!!!!


  • Delll2013
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    Welcome back, Lady!

    I'll wait until tomorrow morning to post the total number of calories burned but I did reach part of my goals and did some new things this week:
    - I've tried a new type of group class: yoga
    - I've increased by 10% the number of kilometers jogged/walked
    - had a walk on my rest day and cross-trained on other days
    - almost finished the New Rules of Lifting for Women and I will most likely start incorporating what I've learned into my routine starting this weekend.
  • mightdomightnot
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    will post this week's results soon later :)

    loving the calorie burning incentive...it'll help me work harder today :)
  • Alotalove4u
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    Well Well Well Well not a good week for me,, ;(
    But I'm not going to beat myself up again, I already did..... I just have to do better for week 3,,
    Did not meet my goal infact I only managed to meet half my goal ( 1100 calories) burned..
  • sebachie
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    Week 1 Challenge: 2147 Goal : 2000
    Week 2 Challenge: 2549 Goal :2200

    Month Goal: 4696/7000
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    Week 1 Challenge: 4,379 Goal : 5,000
    Week 2 Challenge: 4,920 Goal :5,621

    Month Goal: 9,299/20,000

    I have finished my Tough Mudder and my body is almost recovered so I will be able to step it up and next weeks goal is 5,701.

    Great work so far everyone!! :drinker:
  • mightdomightnot
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    232 short of my 2000 goal...will hopefully make up for it in week 3 :)
  • cds2001
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    W1= 737
    W2 = 1005

    Total so far = 1742

    Not on target but doing better each week.
  • wtw0n
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    Week 2 (8.-14.5.)
    5/8: 827 (Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum + Tummy Tuck, TurboFire - Stretch 10, bicycling 39km)
    5/9: 895 (TurboFire - Fire 30, strength training, Insanity - Cardio Abs, bicycling 20.3km)
    5/10: 979 (Insanity - Core Cardio and Balance, Brazil Butt Lift - Tummy Tuck, TurboFire - Stretch 10, bicycling 38.35km)
    5/11: 786 (walking 5.3km, TurboFire - Fire 30, strength training, Insanity - Cardio Abs)
    5/12: 713 (bicycling 42.7km, Insanity - Cardio Recovery, Insanity - Cardio Abs)
    5/13: 674 (walking 3km, TurboFire - Fire 30 + Stretch 10, Brazil Butt Lift - Tummy Tuck, strength training)
    5/14: 674 (bicycling 21.6km, Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum, Insanity - Cardio Abs)

    Week 2 Total: 5548
    Week 2 Goal: 5500 (100.87%)
    May Total: 11863
    May Goal: 24000 (49.43%)


    Met my week 2 goal :) Took it a little bit easier this week, I'll try to hit 6000 cals on week 3. I'm mixing up different workouts (Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, strength training, bicycling...) and I love it 'cause workout sessions are never boring.
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    Week 1 Total: 1952 (GREAT WEEK)
    Week 1 Goal: 1200
    Week 2 Total: 1168 (HORRIBLE WEEK)
    Week 2 Goal: 2000
    Week 3 Total: ____
    Week 3 Goal: 2000

    May Total To Date: 3120
    May Goal: 7600
  • elizajane1
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    Great week. My goal for this week was 5000. Didn't know if I was going to make it, but I came through! :) I bypassed my goal with 5,249!!! Think I want to try for 5500 next week. This is a great start to summer! Haven't made the best choices food wise this week. Plan to make MUCH healthier choices next week!!!

    week 1 Total: 5061
    Week 1 Goal: None
    Week 2 total: 5249
    Week 2 Goal: 5000
    Week 3 Total:
    Week 3 Goal: 5500
  • luisalg14
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    Good job everybody!! :)
    I managed to squeeze in a decent burn today after having taken 4 days off :love:

    Day 1: 720
    Day 2: 780
    Days 3-6 off
    Day 7: 1027

    Making my total for the week 2527, and my total for the month to 6957.

    Going to try to amp the burn next week, so I can surpass my goal. Good luck, guys! :laugh:
  • vbailey12
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    Hey friends!!! Everyone is doing an AWESOME job! You guys are rock stars...keep it up!

    Ok so I did not make my goal for this week. But I don't feel bad about it. Sometimes life happens :(

    My goal was 2100 calories and I did 1905 so I'm short 105. I did 730 of those calories TODAY because I missed several days. So I'm gonna keep my goal at 2100 for week 3 and try to learn ways to not let life get in the way of my health (feel free to post tips).

    Tomorrow's a new day! Good night peeps!
  • zanne54
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    Way to go everybody!

    Week 1 results: 2,764/3,613
    Week 2 results: 4,919/3,613

    So I made up my week 1 shortfall and banked some buffer for week 3. It's May 24 long weekend coming up and DH and I will be opening the cottage. I know my beer intake will increase and my workouts will decrease. Hopefully I can work out extra hard on the days when I'm still in the ****ty to compensate for my time on the river. It's been a long, cold winter since we closed the cottage at Thanksgiving, and I CAN'T WAIT to get in the boat and pull out of the marina, leaving all my worries behind.
  • Amerielle
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    Still chugging along here!

    Week 1 Goal 2000 Burned 2075
    Week 2 Goal 2000 Burned 2200

    This week is the super busy week I have been worrying about...I will do what I can but I have 4 12.5 hour shifts in a row at work which will leave me with almost no time to sleep, let alone burn calories!
  • Delll2013
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    Great results everyone!

    As some of you are enjoying teh spring or the warmer weather, it's above 40 degrees Celsius where I live so training outdoor will not be an option for much longer :(

    I was able to reach my 3500 weekly goal (3610-yay) but I was aiming for 4000. I will set the same target for this week in order to push myself harder and harder.
  • erinprattavila
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    Well this week was horrible! I did over 5,000 in week 1 and set my goal to at least meet that but ultimately I would have loved to surpass it, nope.

    Week 2: 3231

    I didn't work out 2 days this week, unacceptable! This week I must step it up. I'm setting the goal for this week at 6,000 and I WILL hit it!! Good luck MFP friends!
  • bambi2578
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    May 8 - 66 (Mini Rest Day)
    May 9 - 403
    May 10 - 494
    May 11 - 753
    May 12 - 578
    May 13 - None :( - Rest Day
    May 14 - 721

    Total for Week 2: 3,012
    Goal for Week 2: 2,500
    Total Overall: 5,944
    Goal for May: 10,000

  • Tme2change
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    Yippee!!! 2767 calories burned!!! I made it
  • ashmurdoch
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    Week 2: Goal 2,000 Actual 2,706

    Im so excited to be working out again! I absolutely love my new HRM. Makes working out like a game now! :)

    Keep up the fabulous work, ladies! Yall ROCK!
  • Week 2 goal: 3,000 Actual 3,336

    I am very excited to see these numbers. I actually incorporated some bike riding into my week - trying to mix things up.

    Love this challenge! Keep up all of the hard work!