anyone have 100+ to lose?

Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
I Do. :( Sadly Enough With My Now 7 Yo I Got Well Into The 200S And After My 3Rd I Never Lost Weight So Now I'm 290 @ 11 DayS Pp. I'mVeryMotivated This Time Around Though


  • blink1021
    blink1021 Posts: 1,118 Member
    me too!!!!! I have to do it this time packed on too much weight between 2 pregnancies and life itself have had a hard time since the last one keep going up and down. Its got to be done this time.
  • beginswithb
    beginswithb Posts: 132
    Me! I am 8 mos PP and back at the weight that I delivered at! I'm 282 and would like to be 175.
  • rboyd16
    rboyd16 Posts: 4
    Yea i want to lose 100....its so hard to lose the weight after gaining so much during my pregnancy.....but looking forward to the support from MFP to help me accomplish this. Good luck ladies
  • Mom2ATM
    Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
    Ugh I Guess I Better Start Using Mfp Bc IVe Gained Weight In The Last 2 Weeks. I Thought Bfing WasGoingToHelp But Then My SoN Lousy A Lot Of Weight And We Found Out His Latch Was Wrong And My Supply Dropped Bc Of It.