Captain Morgan's reunion

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In case you haven't seen the viral heart warming picture of Captain Morgan, the one-eyed dachshund, I thought I'd share it with you:


"Cappy" was rescued from a high kill shelter by Sarah Cross of Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. He was suffering from heartworm and she nursed him back to health.

The dachshund was adopted to another family eventually, and this photo showcases his reunion with his rescuer, Sarah.

full link to story here:

The picture brought me to tears.
I lost my little dachshund, Banana last month after a freak accident.


  • verptwerp
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    That is an awesome photo and a heartwarming story ........ thank you for sharing !

    I'm sorry for your loss ....... be comforted by happy memories :drinker:
  • suz155
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    Good way to start my day.....too much horror every day on the to see the good stuff. Thank you.