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Ear Wax?

jiabmanjiabman Member Posts: 19 Member Posts: 19
So, not 100% of the time, but often I get crackling in my ears and I feel like it might be wax. I have tried coning and that didn't really improve it. I feel like it is so hot and humid that all the wax in my ears melts and moves around. Does anyone else have this issue or ideas on fixing it? I think that it might be effecting my balance. Am I nuts? Am I alone? I know I should ask my teachers, but there is something to be said for anonymity :)


  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    I'm a teacher and I've never heard of that or experienced it. Interested in seeing what other folks have to say!
  • Sweet_PotatoSweet_Potato Member Posts: 1,136 Member Member Posts: 1,136 Member
    That's interesting. I have issues with too much ear wax but Bikram/heat doesn't seem to affect it.
  • toot_bunnytoot_bunny Member Posts: 33 Member Posts: 33
    i know what you mean, i think its just hot sweat trickling into my ears and making my wax wet and therefore moving it around and meaning i leave with icky ears!
    don't think there's much we can do to prevent it except maybe give our ears a quick clean before class
  • newenhamnewenham Member Posts: 6 Member Posts: 6
    Probably not related but I often have an ear symptom after a particularly hard and/or hot Bikram class. It's like in a plane, when you take off, but much stronger; I find it awkward to talk to people for a little while after class. This has also happened with other workouts. It goes away pretty fast every time.
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