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MrsSnelly Posts: 30 Member
So for the first part of August, starting this week really, my goal is 10 miles. I've been slogging my way through C25K, stuck on weeks 5 and 6 because of a mostly mental block that won't let me get past the long runs. I plan to do it this week though, and hopefully move on to every run being a 25-minute or longer. I run 3-4 times per week, with 2.5-3 miles each run; at this pace I should be able to average a mile a day pretty easily. I'll check back in later this week to post how I'm *actually* doing! Good luck to all as you set goals to help create and maintain a healthy lifestyle!


  • emilybeatrice1
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    so this week i will set my goal to walk at lunchtime. i can usually get in almost 2 miles.
  • 60in3
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    Hi, I'm new to the site, and am very motivated. I participate in the 3-Day for the Cure, which is walking 60 miles in 3 days. I spend about 6 months training each year. I love the challenge, and appreciate the opportunity to join you. I need to get some weight off to be within the 'healty' range and gain some points in a fitness challenge at work. I walk a lot so I'm going to try and average 2 miles a day for the month.
  • Hi, I am going to commit to 2 miles a day for the month of August.
  • DianeSwartzs
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    I will walk a mile each day. I was exercising every day and now I've slacked off. Thanks will help get me going again! :smile:
  • mnbacon
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    I am going to walk 1 mile everyday for August. I hardly have time to be active, but this I can squeeze into my day! I think this will be fun :)
  • tammytam241
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    I'm fairly new to site and looking for some motivation to get moving! This is it! I'm going to commit to 2 miles/day for the first week of August .... and I won't even wait until Aug 1st .. I'll start tomorrow! :wink:
  • mitchipooo
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    I'm in, will commit to two to three miles every second day but hopefully will be able to get a few more in.
  • sherrirb
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    I just restarted C25K yesterday. There is a road right across from my driveway that is exactly 1 mile long. Between run days, I will be walking that road also, so minimum of 2 miles a day.

    I commit to 2 miles a day and will try to get a little extra in so I have a total of 15 miles a week.

    Good luck everyone and KEEP MOVING!!!
  • MrsSnelly
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    These look like some great goals, I am way excited to see how many are going above and beyond, to 2 miles a day - that is amazing! I admit I didn't get a run in this morning, due to being laid low with a migraine last night, but I'll get in the strength training I missed yesterday, and put in some time on the elliptical trainer. If it fits around the kids' swimming lessons and the meeting I have with the local Young Women's group from church!! I think it's great to see how many people are willing to work in a 1 mile walk every day, even though you are very busy; baby steps are definitely the way to achieve your goals. Remember to check in at least once a week to update your goals and let us know how you are doing, and let's keep each other motivated!
  • tammytam241
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    Did my first 2 miles today! Did 8 laps around the track during my sons football practice - multi tasking! It feels great ... now to keep up this momentum!!!! lol :D
  • Fit_2013
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    I want to commit to 2 miles per day. Leslie Sansone's 4 mile power walk is on its way.
  • 60in3
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    3 miles a day for days 1 and 2 for a 6 mile total so far. The first 3 miles were on the streets. The second three were a combination of walking, walking upstairs, and running. Witha 2 mile a day goal, I have 56 more to go:smile:
  • TamikaJones135
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    It is my goal to get in at least one mile per day this week.
  • fajeeta
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    Walked two miles yesterday and half a mile today (plus an aerobics video - woot)!
  • DaniKenmir
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    5kms - 1st
    10kms - 2nd
    7kms - 3rd! WOOOOO
  • Aussiestork
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    Yes it's August 4 but I can catch up by doing a little extra each day. My goal is 1.4 km up to the railway station and back. Don't know what that is in miles. Will do a conversion one day.
  • 60in3
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    My 2 mile a day balance was 56 miles to go. I did 11 miles on 8/3 and 6 miles 8/4 to leave 39. I plan on 6 more in the morning :happy:
  • 60in3
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    8/6 update. I did 6 miles on 8/5 and 3 on 8/6. Now just 30 more to go for the month. Just start moving and keep moving :smile:
  • MrsSnelly
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    Going great so far, I made my goal last week, ran 9 miles. This week will be tough, I'm off for a vacation with the hubby tomorrow and there isn't a workout facility at the hotel; we're taking the 2 older kids to the waterpark before we leave though, and I'll get a run in the morning too. Maybe I'll squeeze a run in Saturday night after we get home, that will get me to my 9 for the week. Random neighborhood bike rides with the kids, too, will probably put me 10+ for the week, but I'm not actually tracking those since it's 10 minutes here and there at a 5-year old's training wheel pace. :happy:
  • fajeeta
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    No miles 8/3 or 8/4 (travelling)
    1 mile on Mon (8/5)
    2 miles yesterday (8/6)
    2 miles today.