Double Down Days?

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Has anyone done a down day twice in a row? I've been invited to go to a festival (Scottish) where I'm sure there won't be much under 500/600 calories... if I have two down days prior, could I "reset" my schedule?


  • It is better to do two Up days is what I have heard/ experienced. Some people do MWF D and TTSS up so always have 2 up days and still have great success.

    Plus I've heard people that had eating disorders before and did 2 down days got triggered again...

    I personally love to eat so I'd rather have two up days or a moderate day and up day then not eat for 2 days! :)
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    Thank you! You've answered BOTH of my questions (even though I didn't explicitly ask one). Thanks so much!
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    There's also a concept called MD (I think its "Medium Day") which is about half the calories of a UD. Many JUDDDer's use this to "switch" their UD/DD rotation for a special day. You do a MD, then a UD, then the DD. Then you're back on the regualar UD/DD rotation.

    I actually do this on a regular basis. I have DDs on M,W,F. I have UDs on T,Th,Sunday. Saturday is a MD (I eat about half the calories of an UD). Sometimes on Saturdays I eat up to a full UD, but then I usually don't feel like eating a full UD on Sunday. So, it tends to work out.

    Good luck. The festival sounds like wonderful fun!
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    Susan's right. Given the choice, I'd just insert a MD in there and it'll all work out just fine. 2 DDs in a row could be too much stress on your body and throw you into the dreaded "starvation mode" if you subscribe to such theories. Either way, there's no need to suffer through 2 DDs in a row. I love Scottish festivals. Have a wonderful time!
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    Thanks guys! Loving the positivity in this group, too!