Tips for new Juddder

clarechieri Posts: 60 Member
Hi I would like to start this way of eating and was wondering if anyone had any tips?


  • Go here:

    There is lots of great info and tips on this site.

    One of my biggest tips is to exercise as much as you feel is possible.

    On Down Days when I am sitting in front of the TV i feel like I NEED to snack. So instead I hop on my elliptical and even doing half an hour makes me feel like I definitely don't want to cheat anymore.

    If you actually stick with 500 or under for the first few down days it does get easier.

    and another big one is to make sure your up days aren't ridiculous. LOG YOUR FOOD! I've found when I don't log my intake can be as much as 3500 calories in one day! But when I log i can usually keep it under 2000 which is perfect for me.

    Good luck!

    Oh and this is another great website:

    it is a forum where a lot of active JUDDDers are, they are so supportive of eachother and know what they are talking about. I've never seen one negative thing said there and there is tons of useful info.
  • DryHeet
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    Welcome clarechieri!

    Everything WillardsMommy posted is great advice! The first two weeks (Induction period) is pretty tough, so I suggest you plan ahead. Enter your meals BEFORE you eat in your food diary here in MFP and make sure your calories are within your goals. I also try to watch my carbs and protein counts, but that might not be an issue for you.

    MFP encourages us to "eat back" our exercise calories, but I don't follow this. I stick to the UD, DD calories limits according to Dr Johnson's calculator on his website. I do exercise alot, but I know there are many successful JUDDDer's who are light to moderate in exercise.

    Good luck and happy JUDDDing!