Before Pictures

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Here's My Starting Picture =)

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 192
Bust: 41
Waist: 36
Hips: 43
Butt: 45
Thighs: 27



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    Here is my current pic I am currently 187.2... and 5'5 (sorry can't get pic to post on here, so here is the link)
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    OMG why will my pic not post, I have tried several different ways LOL
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  • photo28.jpg


    Starting Height 5'5
    Starting Weight 157

    My super ambitious goal is 145 pounds, but I'd be pretty happy with 150 :-)
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    I am just not ready to post my pics yet. I weigh 240. That is super duper fat!!!!
  • skittlepower
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    Can't believe I'm posting these!
    5'11" and 163lbs. Not sure of measurements as I can't find my tape measure!


    I don't really want to lose a lot of weight, just tone up. Apparent I'm practically at my ideal weight?
  • myateam4
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    Trying again... :(

  • Not ready to post before quite yet but have them, need to see results first
  • adorable_aly
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    Hope this works... Eeek apologies in advance... these are my before pics (well sort of before I had been on the shred for 2 days already and had lost 20 pounds, I'm 5"00.)


    To everyone having problems with pictures make sure 'IMG' isn't capitalised. i.e img.

    Also I'm not looking to lose weight just tone up my tummy and love handles... since that is where the weight has refused to budge from!

  • amberlongsine
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    Day 10 Progress!



    Here are my 10 day results do far :)
    Weight: 189
    Bust: 40
    Waist: 35
    Hips: 41
    Butt: 45
    Thighs: 26

    Total inches lost so far: 5
    Total weight lost so far: 1
  • MGMum
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    Excellent! You can definitely see a difference! It would be even more obvious if you placed the pics side by side!
  • adorable_aly
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    I'll post tomorrow as it's technically day 9?! for me since I took a rest day.

  • adorable_aly
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    Well I was going to post before and after pics, but I fiddled around trying to do it yesterday and it was taking too long, and I just don't have time to figure it out at the moment.

    However here are my before/after measurements:

    Bust: 34
    Waist: 26.5
    Hips: 36
    Weight: 8.1 stone (113 pounds)

    10 days in:
    Bust: 33 (though I didn't wear the same bra so that may not be totally reliable)
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 35.5
    Muffin Top: 34.00 (I hadn't previously measured this but decided to as this is where I want to lose the inches.
    Weight: 7.13 stone (111 pounds)

    Overall I have lost a grand total of 2 inches and 2 pounds. Lol.

    However I didn't have much to lose in the first place, and my diet has been a little erratic since starting. I definitely look a lot more toned. My muffin top is looking less round, and my fat is firmer (sorry that's not a nice image!)

    I'll be happy if I lose 5 inches in total. Just wish it wasn't all coming off the boobs!

    Have a great day lovelies!