Welcome to the Christmas Challenge



  • thinnerclaire77
    thinnerclaire77 Posts: 13 Member
    I have joined because I need a goal to focus on, I have a personal trainer who has a goal for me in his head, but hasn't set me a deadline for it. So this will help to keep me focused. Thanks for starting it.
  • MariaElisa07
    MariaElisa07 Posts: 17 Member
    Looking for to this challenge...
  • fairestthings
    fairestthings Posts: 335 Member
    This is my first group and first challenge on MFP! (been on here for 125+ days)
  • SRitzy
    SRitzy Posts: 91 Member
    Great challenge. I have a little over 25 lbs to lose to reach my goal! I wanted o hit my goal by my birthday (12/4) or by Christmas at the latest. It is my birthday/Christmas gift to myself this year. Very excited about this challenge. I wish everybody a successful journey! :glasses:
  • Mem2pat
    Mem2pat Posts: 3 Member
    Maybe this will be the motivation that I need to keep on the straight path. Thanks for the idea!
  • turntechBiologist
    turntechBiologist Posts: 374 Member
    Looking forward to this challenge! My birthday is in December (the 23rd) so I'm really hoping I'll be under 300 by then! :)
  • libellula56
    libellula56 Posts: 12 Member
    Looking forward to this. Starting Phase 2 of my journey today. Looking to lose 30 pounds in this phase.
  • tlnurse
    tlnurse Posts: 229 Member
    I'm in!!!!

    Dear Santa: Please keep your cookies and fudge and peanut brittle that my patient's will be bringing me OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!

    :tongue: It is a challenge!
  • leanonshay
    leanonshay Posts: 11 Member
    Super excited about the group. Can't wait for the 15th.
  • Heather_Mumma
    Heather_Mumma Posts: 3 Member
    Roll on the 15th!
  • meagandporter
    meagandporter Posts: 11 Member
    I'm in:) I need a challenge!
  • azshorty1115
    azshorty1115 Posts: 52 Member
    Count me in....and anyone feel free to add me. Can't wait for the 15th.
  • lynz4589
    lynz4589 Posts: 389 Member
    Hi, great group! Im desperately wanting to lose around 26lb by christmas so this should definitely help - anyone feel free to add me :)
  • Lenuska27
    Lenuska27 Posts: 3 Member
    So excited for this challenge =) I need some motivation to stay strong throught a lot of birthdays and celebrations till Christmas... so this is perfect. Let's go do it!!!!
  • kellylou1367
    kellylou1367 Posts: 91 Member
    Hello everyone :smile: I am in desperate need of motivation and this group sounds like a perfect challenge for me, I'm a UK size 14 and hoping to get down to a size 10 by December for a Christmas Ball I am attending. I'll report back on the 15th september with my measurements, good luck everyone :happy:
  • Not sure what my goal should be. I've joined another group to lose thirty pounds by Christmas, so don't know whether to keep the same goal for here, or change it.
  • G_iulia80
    G_iulia80 Posts: 11 Member
    I joined MFP last month and I am very committed. I've already lost 7 lbs.

    It's a great idea to motivate us to get in shape for Christmas.

  • amymoore12
    amymoore12 Posts: 46 Member
    Can't wait to start this! Feel free to add me :) x
  • So excited for this! Am determined to look fab by christmas!
    Anyone feel free to add me, more than happy to support anyone and everyone

  • ltfitz89
    ltfitz89 Posts: 295 Member
    This is great! I hope this group will really help motivate me to meet my three mini goals of losing weight before 3 important dates, Oct. 24th (my birthday), Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving), and Dec. 24th (Christmas eve)!!!! I can't wait to get started!!!