Nurse friends

tnrunningnurse Posts: 549 Member
Would love to add more nurses to my friends on MFP.


  • mdj1501
    mdj1501 Posts: 392 Member
    ME 2!!
  • ScarlettIsSpiffing
    ScarlettIsSpiffing Posts: 121 Member
    & me x ;)
  • Katmiller73
    Katmiller73 Posts: 99 Member
    sent friend requests!
  • Me too! Adding yall ;)
  • ccb1030
    ccb1030 Posts: 84 Member
    Just stumbled across this group today. Feel free to add me, I work in WIS :)
  • CassieReannan
    CassieReannan Posts: 1,479 Member
    I am a student nurse but would love nurse friends :)
  • momRN2B
    momRN2B Posts: 247 Member
    hi! another nursing student here.
  • Tera_M
    Tera_M Posts: 14
    Hi, I just joined this group and I'm in nursing school and about to start my second of a four semester program. I'm going to add y'all :)
  • RacheUk82
    RacheUk82 Posts: 70 Member
    Hey all!

    Im a Stroke Nurse working in the UK, feel free to add me ;)
  • i'd love to have more nurses on here for support also!
    I'm in michigan *& currently work in home healthcare. Business is slow, so I might have to find per diem work- which means possibly night shifts.... :/
  • locoducky
    locoducky Posts: 31 Member
    Feel free to add me! I am always open to having more nurse friends and encouraging people to help me keep my weight in reign while working nights!
  • I'd love to have more nurse friends on MFP! I have the worst times when I'm rotated to nights...or 16s really get to me too! Would love to meet you all : )
  • Hi! I'm an LPN, nursing for 20 years and find it really hard doing night shifts and staying on track. Anyone else get the midnight munchies while doing the dreaded night shift?
  • evolution328
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    Me too, feel free to add me.

    I'm a nursing student now and I would love some nurse friends :).
  • LilRedRooster
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    RN student set to graduate in May! I like friends. :)
  • amc119
    amc119 Posts: 71 Member
    I'm a nurse, anyone can add me if they'd like. I go on vacation in 2 weeks but after that I plan on getting serious about my diet and working out again!
  • Dtough
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    Ooo I would like some nurse friends as well!
  • julieriser
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    New to the site and I'm a nursing student! I really would LOVE to have friends on here for some support! :flowerforyou:
  • mztaylor83
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    RN student, grad in summer 2015 would love nursing friends....