Going to Maintenance

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I've reached my goal weight after 16 weeks on JUDDD. :happy: I'm going to make the switch to 55% maintenance mode. According to the JUDDD calculator, my UD calories should be 2200 and my DD calories should be 1200 (I rounded it off). Seems like it should be easy after what I've been doing - but I know from past experience its easy to get complacent and go off plan.

I plan to continue to use the food diary here on MFP to help me stay on track, so I'll be around. I hope everyone else continues to have success with your WOE. Its such a relief to find a WOE that works for you!

Good luck everyone!


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    :happy: congrats! That does seem easy after all the fasting, but I know what you mean! Enjoy!:drinker:
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    Woohoo! Great maintenance calories too. WTG!
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    Thanks everyone for the support!

    I thought I would let you know how my first week on maintenance went. I was a little worried that I might lose control, but I logged all my food here on MFP and I stayed within my calorie limits. I weighed today and I'm up 0.4 lbs - I'm not worried since I think this is water gain from increasing my calories over the week.

    Some other good results I can share - I went shopping and bought 2 pair of size 6 jeans (yeah!). Also, earlier this week, someone at the gym wanted to know how much weight I had lost - he said "you lost a ton of weight" - ha ha - I said "only about 25 pounds". A few other people have commented on my weight loss, so I'm starting to feel like ... wow ... I really did this!

    The odd result that I was NOT expecting - I was terribly fatigued and lethargic during my endurance workouts this week. I really struggled on my long distance cycling and my run pace decreased. I was expecting to improve in these areas - I sure hope I see an improvement next week! I don't know if adding calories (eg, going from about 1200 calorie average to 1600 calorie average) would cause such a lethargy? Although, I'm also suffering from allergies right now (the mold count is very high) - so that could be the culprit.

    Good luck to everyone! Hope you all have a good week!
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    Congratulations, Susan! Those of you who succeed & go on to maintenance give me so much hope! I really hope you do stick around for those of us who are still on the road to weight loss & better health. Especially, since there will be days that we may struggle.

    Enjoy all of the compliments! You deserve them! As for the fatigue, I don't know where you live; but, here in TX the ragweed has been awful lately. I don't typically suffer from allergies; but, the past couple of weeks I have. So, that may be your culprit.

    Good luck!

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    Susan, another thing I was thinking about is the effect of the sirtuins once you go into maintenance. I know on LCF, there are several JUDDDers in maintenance who still keep DDs pretty low and actually increase calories on UDs, or some such combination, so they can keep all the benefits of the SIRT1 action. I think I read somewhere that the sirtuins stay active at 50% or below, so if you're doing your maintenance at 55%, perhaps that could be affecting your performance. I'm nowhere near maintenance (though I am considering a maintenance break this month), so I have no first-hand experience here. Just a thought.
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    Awesome news Susan. You have traveled a long road to get here. You so deserve this.