5X5 Change up

Kupe Posts: 758 Member
I have been doing 5x5 for a while and have seen major improvements in core body strength, as in being able to do unassisted pull ups.
However I have found it to be a monotonous set of exercises. So today I stuck to the core exercises but changed them up. For example instead of squats (190lbs), I did seated leg press (360lbs). I found that I had a much more intense work out and really felt like I had pushed some heavy weights. I think I will do this for the next 5 sessions and then go back to the 5x5 workout and see if there have been any gains in terms of strength.

I am curious if anyone else has done something similar and how they felt post workout.


  • DaveRCF
    DaveRCF Posts: 266
    Not sure how pushing yourself to set new PR's every time is boring. I am usually scared silly before the attempt. Have you needed to deload on any lifts yet?
  • Kupe
    Kupe Posts: 758 Member
    I have deloaded after I hit 220 on squats. I found form went out the window. I have also been sick so deloaded then also. Have found that I have come back stronger and able to lift much heavier in a shorter time period.
  • DaveRCF
    DaveRCF Posts: 266
    Well if you have been reloading then it looks like you've been pushing yourself for sure. To add a bit of variety, I do the SL workout for that day and then usually some ab work, pull-ups, shrugs, curls etc. but I leave those until the end so I'm not too tired to do the SL stuff.
  • Prahasaurus
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    I occasionally add an exercise or two (pull ups, planks, etc.), but I stick with the core program. Just going up in weight each time is a huge challenge, enough to keep it quite interesting for me. Perhaps after 12 weeks (I'm about 5 weeks into the program) I'll have a different perspective.

    But for now, the improvements in core strength are definitely noticeable. I love the simplicity of the program. I love the feeling going to the gym knowing exactly what I'm going to do. No desire now to change.