Day 3

Looks like everyone had a great day yesterday :-). I walked more than 5 miles and 10 flights of stairs at work last night. With only 8 hours left to lay down before getting up to do it again... I'm heading to sleep. Hope this counts for a workout. Have a great day everyone!



  • TPS65
    TPS65 Posts: 31 Member
    45 mins on treadmill and 15 mins on cross trainer have a good weekend :)
  • anaoliver63
    anaoliver63 Posts: 117 Member
    60 minutes on treadmil/bike for 7.5 miles. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • anaoliver63
    anaoliver63 Posts: 117 Member
    i dont know how to make the ticker part of my post.
  • I know this is a lame excuse but, I didn't run the treadmill this evening because my neighbors decided to bbq in their backyard and their bbq fumes always come in through the ac in my workout room even when the ac is covered. I'm mad at myself for not starting my workout earlier... I squandered the day but at least I got some light cleaning done around the house :(

    I was able to burn 153 calories doing 60 minutes of "Cleaning, light, moderate effort."
  • JimLeonardRN
    JimLeonardRN Posts: 296 Member
    Still being lazy. Only 30 minutes walking for me the last two days.
  • PennyHarris123
    PennyHarris123 Posts: 159 Member
    just been for a swim 30 mins as it's lazy sunday!!
  • PennyHarris123
    PennyHarris123 Posts: 159 Member
    definately Jodie!!!
  • Katmiller73
    Katmiller73 Posts: 99 Member
    Walked 149 min in 2 sessions. 6.85 miles total. Avg 2.7 mph
  • aedlife
    aedlife Posts: 39 Member
    I walked with the children trick or treating...sort of a walk/run to keep up with their excitement!