Day 4

Another 5 miles and 14 flights of stairs. My calves are complaining today. How does Susie run those damn stairs??? I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest!


The exercise tickers have a code that you copy and paste. The weightloss ticker for MFP is can be added under settings I think. I'll have to double check that.


  • TPS65
    TPS65 Posts: 31 Member
    wow well done you, only managed a 45 minute walk, but I knew I wouldn't have time. Make up for it tomorrow :)
  • Katmiller73
    Katmiller73 Posts: 99 Member
    Walked 110 min at 2.8 mph for 5.4 miles
  • anaoliver63
    anaoliver63 Posts: 117 Member
    biked for 80 minutes. did 11 miles.
  • foodcallsme
    I did 95 minutes of the "treadmill (running & jogging)." - 5.828 Miles :)
  • aedlife
    aedlife Posts: 39 Member
    Very unmotivated today....I knew I should go downstairs, but the excuses shower(gone for 4 hours), laundry(my daughter had a small case of lice, but nevertheless we washed everything!!!,), and of course my conference notes for today(again, took about 4hours to get all done). I need to put myself before work, but some days, the days just aren't long enough. Be better today!!!!