Day 8

TPS65 Posts: 31 Member
I've done 40 mins on treadmill, 20 mins on cross trainer and been out for a 30 minute walk:smile:


  • Katmiller73
    Katmiller73 Posts: 99 Member
    Walked 86 min at a rate of 2.85 mph total 4.1 miles
  • Hi there! I did 50 minutes of running & jogging on the treadmill - 3.269 miles. I didn't get to log the last 4 days but, I did a lot of cleaning those days so I'm counting those as workout days too, lol. I hope everyone is having a great week. Tomorrow is a fresh start for us. We can do it! :)
  • anaoliver63
    anaoliver63 Posts: 117 Member
    45 minutes brisk walking 3 miles
  • NurseJodies
    NurseJodies Posts: 65 Member
    I did really well staying active this week until yesterday. The 9 hour drive home did me in. (my son is in school and I made the trip on my own). Anyway, after I finally arrrived home, I climbed into bed and ignored all forms of exercise. I'll be back to it tonight though. I'm really proud of you guys that are sticking to it!

  • aedlife
    aedlife Posts: 39 Member
    38 minutes of insanity! :)