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  • Hi All!

    My name is Christine and I am a registered nurse. I am not new to MFP but I've never added friends or joined any support groups. I'm hoping that will be the extra motivation I need to keep me going when I feel like quitting or if I begin to slack on my workouts or healthy eating plan. Staying motivated is the hardest part for me because I'm usually good with my plans for about 2-4 weeks...after that, well...I don't know...something always gets in the way to deter me :(.

    My goal is to lose 30-40lbs...depending on how my body looks at that stage. I have lost weight before but I seem to keep finding it more! I am determined to lose weight this time and keep it off!

    I have 3 children- a 16 yr. old teenage daughter, an 18 yr. old daughter, and a married 24 yr. old son who is making me a GRANDMA in April.....SO EXCITED!

    Feel free to add me and let's motivate each other...looking forward to seeing LESS of everyone of you! ;)
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    Hi all!!
    My name is Jasmyne, happily married with 2 great kiddos (5 1/2 year old girl and 7 year old boy). I'm super busy, taking care of the house, kids, working as a waitress part time (usually Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights), and taking online schooling to become a Medical Transcription Editor. I also live in Upper Michigan and already have a hard enough time losing weight in the winter, since my body senses snow and holds on to all the insulation it can, lol.

    I started my weight loss journey a while ago and I was down almost 25 pounds. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I lost motivation and now I'm down 6 pounds from my original starting weight. Ugh. So I'm hoping joining a group will help me stay on track and get my butt in gear. I'm tired of carrying around this extra 70+ pounds. I did 30DS about a year ago and had some good results. Since I get bored easily and this workout was one I actually stuck with the first time around, I thought I would do it again and hope I can get this spark back.

    Good Luck!!!
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    I'm Trudy, I'm 31 and from the UK. In the past couple of years my weight has gone up and down.
    Last year I put on a stone(14lbs) in a month following the sudden death of my Grandad. I did manage to shift some of it, but then was thrown a few months back by a dizzy spell which had me stuck in bed for almost three months(gained another stone). Doctor thinks it could be Meneire's disease. Have an appointment with the ENT in a few weeks.
    Over the past 2-3 years I have been on and off anti depressants, which has not helped in the weight department.
    Now i'm ready to take back my body, and fit into my favourite clothes again.

    Last year I did a week of 30 day shred level one and this time I want to finish it.
  • Hi,
    I'm Lora and I'm a SAHM of 4 boys. The oldest is 17 and the youngest is 3. I do Graphic Design work from home and my schedule is all over the map! I've started attending the gym early in the morning to get my cardio in and it has made a great difference. I completed the 30DS earlier this year and loved the results. Fell of the wagon when the kids went back to school but I am ready to do this. My husband has a holiday party in about a month and I would like to get a cute dress. Anyway I look forward to doing this everyone!
  • Hi All!
    I'm Tanya. I'm 34 & living in Michigan. I have done JM shred workouts off & on for a few years- but I have never actually done the 30-day-shred challenge. I'm READY! I've also never made it to level 3- again, totally READY! :)

    I have another 10lbs to lose to reach my goal weight- but it's more than a goal weight- I want to be firm & fit. I am doing this for my health- and mental health. I have always struggled with weight & body image- and I REALLY am ready to get my body into shape.

    I'm a nurse by trade, but am also getting into performance art. Once I reach my goal, I will be treating myself to getting body painted & doing a photo-shoot. :)
    I look forward to this challenge with everyone- and feel free to add me on! :)

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    Hi my name is Sanya 34 years old lost 10 lbs last year then slacked and gained it all back :grumble: anyways this time I am going to take it seriously.
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    HI my name is Chris, I am from upstate NY, wine country. Thankfully I am not a wine enthusist! I am 42, married, three children, 1 grandson. I have been on/off so many programs. I have just about every DVD set that offers and have seen results with them however, I am ready to give Jillian a try! I have several of her books and the 30Day Shred is one of them!!!! I have the DVD too...somewhere. Have to find it. I will also use the Kinect for workouts. I have Jillian's Fitness Adventrue. I have approximately 35# to banish!!!!! I look forward to the next 32 days! I believe I will start on Monday!
  • Hi I just joined the group. My name is Jorden.

    I have attempted the Shed a few times and have gotten as far as a few days into Level 2- L2.

    I'm planning on doing 3 days a week so its going to take me longer, but my plan is to finish!

    Tomorrow might be better for me to start , than Monday?
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    Hi Ladies!
    I see we're 70 members strong- Wow! Glad to know I'm not alone. We've got a great support network here.
    It's nice to read all of your stories! :)

    I think I will post the main concepts behind the challenge in the group description, etc. and I'm thinking about posting daily mini challenges to keep us on our toes if anyone would be interested? :)
  • Hi, my name is Oriana. I'm 27 years old, 5'7, and slightly overweight. I have had a lot of problems with eating disorders and have been at both ends of the weight spectrum. I'm trying to focus on being healthy and getting in shape rather than obsessing over what the scale says. I'm on day 2 of the program now, but definitely need this support group to keep me going when my motivation wanes. I'm looking foward to getting to know all of you. :)
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    Hello everyone. I'm 32, located in Florida. I set out on this weight loss/get fit journey in Jan. 2010 at 214.8 pounds. Today i'm 139.6 pounds with a goal of 130 and a UGW of 120. I have tried 30DS several times but, have always fails to stick with it. This time i'm determine to change that and make it this time.
  • JDavis352
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    Hi Ladies!
    I see we're 70 members strong- Wow! Glad to know I'm not alone. We've got a great support network here.
    It's nice to read all of your stories! :)

    I think I will post the main concepts behind the challenge in the group description, etc. and I'm thinking about posting daily mini challenges to keep us on our toes if anyone would be interested? :)
    Great idea :)
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    I'm Cindy, 55 yrs, joined MFP in January 2012 and have lost 65 lbs but have plateaued recently. I'd like to loose an additional 45 lbs to feel better about myself than I do now. Never have really had any self confidence in myself, but I need that right now to finish my weight loss goal.

    I have a daughter, 19, autistic and non verbal, and I want to be around for her for a very long time.
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    I'm Missa, and I am 24 years old with a loving boyfriend and awesomest dog.
    I already work out about an hour every day, and I don't want to give up those workouts, so when I am doing the 30ds I am probably going to do every other day.
    My current measurements are : B:W:H 38:36:43
    I am not sure what my goal measurements should be at this point. We will see what happens by about Christmas :)
  • Hello everyone! My name is Brittany. I have been on MFP for awhile now, but have only recently gotten serious about losing the weight for good. My husband recently became a trucker and will be home approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. I am using that time frame for setting different goals, so I can make sure he comes home to a sexier wife each time ;)

    My stats are:

    Height: 5'7"
    CW: 205
    GW: 120

    I have a copy of 30DS, but can never seem to make it all through from day 1 to day 30. However, after seeing the numerous success stories on here, I am more motivated than ever to complete it this time.

    Now that I am an official stay-at-home mom of a 4 year old and 2 year old I am able to login frequently through-out the day. Feel free to add me :)
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    Hey everyone. My name is Kristie. I'm a 37 year old mom of 2 (5 and 2.5) in South Carolina. I work full time and want to do this. I started yesterday, the workout was quick enough - for anyone who hasn't done it it is free on YouTube and I logged it as circuit training. She switches things up fast enough that time flies. My kids tried to play along too, hubby layer on the sofa and just watched lol!
    I'm excited to see results, my "before" 30DS pics are on my profile!
    And I will be swimming 1-2 x per week and last week 3 of us started running (ok, barely crawling) up and down the stairs 10 minutes a day, 4 flights.
  • Hello

    My name is Keirstin. I live in SC and I go to school full time and work part time. So apparently I am suppose to be 70 pounds lighter *ouch*. I'm 5'2 and trying to get my life back in order. My boyfriend (army) said he would support me and workout with me but yea, that is not going to happen anytime soon lol. His running scares me! So, here's hoping I can do 30 day shred more than once!
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    My name is Anna, I'm a homeschooling/homesteading mother of five in SW Michigan. After six pregnancies (one baby didn't make it)... a WHOLE decade of either being pregnant or nursing, I am finally able to start shedding the weight. I joined MFP in October, and immediately signed up for a New Year's Challenge. But I'm down to the LAST MONTH, and think it calls for a 'big final push', and I think your 30-day Shred might just be the thing.

    I weighed 200 (I'm 5'9) at my last doctor's appt in June, and thanks to biking this summer, then getting on the REAL weight-loss bandwagon with MFP in October, I'm down to 189. My goal is 185 by New Years, and 165, overall.

    I'm very excited about upping the ante on my personal challenge!
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    Hi Everyone! I'm Amy. I'm 38, Married mother of 3 (6, 8, 10). I have a very intense job & I try to squeeze it in between the kids getting on the bus & off - so I'm always in a bit of a rush.

    I use all my vacation time over the summer, so I can be home more with the kiddos. We have a very active summer, and I was great at getting in my workouts while the kids were in swim lessons, etc. - but most of all being on my feet & unchained from my desk was a big help.

    Needless to say, when school started back up & our schedule less flexible - my workout habits dropped off - stress at work climbed & I've put some weight back on!

    I lost 30 pounds in 2012, but have put about 5 of it back on.

    Love the 30 day shred - have had great results with it in the past. Got in Workout 1 of this challenge yesterday.

    Looks like we have a great group from all over!

    So excited for us all to meet or beat our goals!

    Hugs, Amy :0)
  • My name is Carla. I am a 41 year old mom of 4 children and I teach special education. Last Spring I lost 26 lbs, managed to get the shingles and have them settle in a knee joint causing symptoms that mimicked a torn meniscus. 2 specialists, and MRI, and physical therapy later, they've determined it's probably just the shingles and just do what I can. I completed a 90 day round of Chalean Extreme and saw great results (size 16 to 10/12) before getting sidelined. I've gained 5 of those lbs back, still in same size, but things are definitely tighter and flabbier! I just finished 2 weeks of her program again, but found myself wanting some more immediate feedback (results!) that were shorter in length. Enter 30DS! I'm excited to start and hoping this is the springboard to commit to being on my way in 2013 to the goals I've been trying to achieve for a few years now!