need to forgive myself

nashsheri33 Posts: 225 Member
i've been on this journey for 10 days now. i've lost 4 pounds, and it's time to weigh again, but i don't want to. i'm afraid of the number. because....
last night i blew it. i consumed about twice as many calories yesterday as i should have. it wasn't an accident, i decided to do it.
now i need to face the consequences, and also forgive myself, and carry on.
i don't like feeling like a failure, and i had a lot of that this week at work. this just adds to it.

anybody else ever been in this boat?


  • jellybird
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    You don't get fat and out of shape by one day of extra calorie consumption. Just like you don't get fit and healthy by one day of eating well when you mostly eat crap. Trust your body - it can deal with one day of excessive calories. Might even be a good metabolism rev-up.
  • nashsheri33
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    thanks, jellybird.

    you are right. now i know that not eating quite enough for a few days makes me want to overdo it one day. a learning experience, indeed.
  • bartcal
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    It's what you do in the long term, not the short term, that counts. One day will not kill your weight-loss attempt. You shouldn't feel guilty for that. Just go right back to eating healthier and keeping under your calorie goal and you'll be fine. It's ok to have "off days" as long as you don't do them too often.
  • DTClarke
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    OK been there done that !! You really need to forgive yourself hun. You had one slip BIG DEAL !! We all are going to have slips during this weight loss journey. The important thing is to get up dust off your duff and get back on track. Weight loss is one poud at a time just like life is a day at a time.
    WE ALL can be a hopeless success at this with just a little effort everyday.
  • jlohcook
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    Don't be too hard on yourself, you are learning through this as well, body is also adjusting to the anount of food you are in taking. So, give yourself time to adjust, just keep your mind to your goal, work towards it, one day over calories is no big deal as long as you are not doing it everyday......
  • clohara
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    Yes I have dome that as well. I actually do it and the feel guilty and sometimes don't post it. I am only hiding from me. I see it as we are human and make mistakes. As long as we can account for it- then each day is a new day. You can do it, start from today. Slipping off bandwagon is normal.
  • diggswood
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    You are certainly allowed many slip up days during your weight loss journey. You might want to spend some time thinking about why it happened. Why do you think you ate twice as much as the day before? Were you stressed? Were you bored? Were you super hungry? After you think about it some without the guilt ( you don't need to feel guilty at all), see what adjustments you can make. If you were stressed, can you take a hot bath or clean a closet? If you were bored, can you plan more fun things for yourself each day. If you were hungry, make sure you are getting enough protein.

    You only fail when you give up.

    I hope you had a great day today!
  • MizTerry
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    Every day is a challenge...chalk it up to a bad day and move on.
  • cindiva65
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    It happens....just pick yourself up and get back at it. The main thing is to not let one day turn into two, three, etc.
  • blakejohn
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    if I've learn anything over the past 6 years of my fitness life, it's this some days are good some not so good and some days I'm eating the burger the fries and cheese cake with whip cream.

    10 days working out you did great, lets put 10 more up,

    One step at a time workout for 3 months if you feel good and can keep it going then we'll start watching what you eat.

    Your still going to look great in an bikini this summer
  • Ive been there too many times to count!!! One thing ive started doing is if really want somthing high in fat and calories i do extra exercise that day. A simple walk around the neighbor hood after dinner will forgive that bowl of ice cream you want for dessert. One thing to remember is were gonna slip up from time to time and you cant let that ruin what youve already worked so hard at. Im back on here again, had a few too many slips and ended up gaining 20 lbs back so im ready to get serious again. This site motivates me a lot and food logs really help keep me on track too. I wish you lots of luck and great success in your journey.
  • DTClarke
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    Welcome Sassy:
    You are so right on with your comments. we just need to remember every day is a freash beginning.
  • riasntx
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    We've all been there...just remember, it doesn't happen overnight. Keep working at it and don't give up. It will get easier and you will see results over time.
  • Yup, I was going thru a "shame spiral" where I completely abandoned my goals and surrendered my will. But I realized that is destructive behavior so I read some of the other posts and decided not to give up, just keeping pushing forward. So don't worry girl, we've all been there!:bigsmile: