VCH piercing

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What's your thoughts? Anyone have this? Pros and Cons?

If you don't know what this piercing is DO NOT google image at work :-)



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    I don't have only my thoughts here......not sure I could go through with getting one, but my tattoo artist has hers done, she got it when she was 16.....and she says she would definitely do it again.....that it really was not that bad, and it only "enhances" things....
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    See, that's what I was wondering...I've heard it enhances but i've also heard to takes away "feelings" after awhile too...hmm
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    if you have any questions here is a great reference book. elaine angel binney has a book called the piercing bible, if you can find the book or somehow refer to it, there might be an answer to your question. She has been doing body piercings for many years. Look for on facebook if you want.
  • I second the book but also say "don't take it all 100% as fact". She says in it, if I recall, that labia majora piercings tend to be relatively low pain and quick healing.

    As a piercer and someone who has two such piercings (pierced by Ms. Angel, herself) I can tell you this isn't particularly accurate. Everyone I have pierced there has had extreme pain. When I was pierced there by her I had extreme pain. It normally take 1-3 weeks for the (painful) swelling to go down for my clients. When she pierced me the (very painful) swelling took about 2 weeks to go away.
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    Pros are definitely more sensitivity in the bedroom. And a huge turn-on for my partner.

    Cons were just the healing phase. I take a long time to heal, so I had to be super careful.

    Go for it, girl!

    But make sure your studio is authorized and very clean :)
  • Mine was fine, I peed after it didn't sting, I could touch it hours later, it really makes things more sensitive and is a turn on for some people :)
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    My ex had it & loved it.
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    I also had an ex that had this. I liked it.
  • Elayne Angel did my VCH piercing last April. I didn't think it hurt that badly -- it was a quick pinch and then it was over. It wasn't really sore after, either. I was worried that it would interfere with my workouts -- running, spinning, etc. but that hasn't been the case.

    I would advise you to go with a really good piercer who knows what their doing. That's pretty much why I waited 6 months for a spot with Elayne.

    I can't think of any cons, to be honest. The piercing healed really quickly for me and it improves sensitive and is a turn on.
  • my friend paid for mine for my birthday a few years ago.. It was a quick pinch and that was it.. that was the ONLY time i felt it! Despite that, I still liked the piercing. I only took it out because my body was rejecting it.
  • I've got one of those and two horizontals (used to have 3 horizontals) and I love it. I've had it about 4 years now and I haven't had any problems with it. It definitely increased my sensitivity (I wasn't that sensitive there before) and for the first few months I had it walking to class was quite an enjoyable experience :love:
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    I think, as withmost piercings, people claim it sensitizes/desensitizes you because the piercing is initially very tender and once it heals completely, goes back to feeling the way it did before it became hypersensitive. However, in the case of a VCH, when botched, can definitely cause permanent damage. Know your piercer!
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