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Insanity - how to track calories burnt

Hey, I was just wondering what people put in for their calories burned for insanity. Do most people have a heart rate monitor? I noticed with other weight loss programs there are calculators or other devices that will tell you approx. how many calories you should burn with entering your weight etc.

If anyone could help me out because I'm planning on starting it Monday and I don't have a HRM :(

Thanks :)


  • YoungDoc2B
    YoungDoc2B Posts: 1,593 Member
    Heart Rate monitor is your best bet. Generally, though, you should expect to burn 400-700 cals the first month (weight and intensity depending, of course) and 800-1100 the second month.
  • KerrieJane86
    KerrieJane86 Posts: 75 Member
    Thank you :) I can't afford a heart rate monitor at the minute but hopefully soon :)