Eden Hazard

Laces_0ut Posts: 3,750 Member
thoughts on his run in with the ball boy? they both seem pretty crazy in this instance.



  • AggieLu
    AggieLu Posts: 873 Member
    Eden is an a**hole!
  • HellsKells
    HellsKells Posts: 867 Member
    I don't buy his "It wasn't intentional" line. He was frustrated and took it out on that kid. Granted, that kid shouldn't have put his whole body over the ball, but kicking him wasn't ever going to solve anything, was it?
  • carlom18
    carlom18 Posts: 174
    I heard the kid was like 2 years younger than hazard. hazard just gave him a light ta and the kid was rolling around with his face all screwed up like he got hit in the shin by a bat. So the kid is in the wrong more than hazard.