Pep to Bayern.

Laces_0ut Posts: 3,750 Member
any Bayern Munich fans? thoughts?


  • ls_66
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    Not a Bayern fan but I think it's going to be a big challenge to come close to what he has achieved with Barca, the Bundersliga is a different beast different style of soccer
  • Agree with ls_66. It's a totally different style of football but he is a great coach. Bet he'll receive a much warmer welcome than Benitez is getting at Chelsea...
  • HellsKells
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    I think of any coach to make a move like that, Pep has one of the best chances of replicating his success. Whether or not he receives the level of backing and financial security he did at Barca remains to be seen, but Bayern are a big club with big history and I think he'll do very well there.
  • carlom18
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    Good move. Juve vs Bayern would be an awesome game to watch. two good coaches of two good teams =D