Day 3

My husband and my father-in-law just invited me out to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Yum!

I think that I'm going to pass on the restaurant...mainly because I just started my diet and I'm usually really fragile in the very beginning. If I mess up now... It can snowball for me.

I plan to run the treadmill later and do some sit-ups. I hope everyone is having a great day! :)

I also entered this challenge yesterday - (I joined yesterday but I didn't start it until today, lol. )


  • udamom
    udamom Posts: 65 Member
    I think going out to eat (which really is part of life) is the hardest part of dieting :o(
    congrats on passing up the overeating opportunity!

    I went to the movies last night and didn't have the popcorn....that kinda sucked. Think I will skip dinner next time and have the popcorn! :o)
  • @udamom: What movie did you see? :)

    I love popcorn... I made some Smart Balance - Light Butter Microwave the other day. (4 cups is 100 calories).