Gluten intolerances with Hypothyroidism

Question to fellow MFP members with Hypothyroidism. I have heard about connections between wheat-tolerances and Hypothyroidism but never gave it much attention as I have not struggled with the issues....UNTIL NOW. Last night I had pasta for the first time in a few weeks and I felt just awful!!!

Wondering if others have "developed" an intolerance and how they are managing?

I can definitely cut out pasta and most bread items. I'm not sure I can do a whole "gluten-free" lifestyle however, and not entirely sure I have to. Guess it's time to head to the Doctor, that said....I don't want to hear I have to live "gluten-free". I don't eat a lot of wheat products but I'm not wanting to be so restrictive (already have to restrict the raw fruits and vegetables, soy, etc)

Any help would be appreciated!!!


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    I was diagnosed with Hypo last year but not being medicated at the moment (seeing the endo on the 27th to get meds). I noticed about 2yrs ago my sudden sensativity to wheat and some gluten. I get the same feeling when I have pasta so I try avoid it and if I have certain wheat products I get the same feeling so I tend to weed out the one's that bother me. I also have a problem with a lot of dairy products, which honestly is a pain in the butt. I can't do the whole GF lifestyle even if I had to....I like food too much :(
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    I'm gluten free now! I had my thyroid removed in Oct. 2010 and was just diagnosed with Celiac disease in Oct. 2012. When I look back over my life, there were small insignificant signs that I might have an issue with wheat/gluten. But really small issue. After my thyroid removal and RAI treatment I was fine until 8 months later, when I couldn't shake fatigue or figure out what was causing my hand & joint pain. A blood test showed a possible link to Celiac (they tested gluten and gallbladder)...and gluten numbers were high. Endoscopy confirmed it.

    I never thought I could give up bread and all the wonderful things I like, but I had to. That kind of fatigue and joint pain is not worth any brownie in the universe, no matter how good. No way. I also don't crave those foods any more, weirdest thing ever...once the wheat and gluten were eliminated, I stopped really wanting gluten-y foods. Also, many people diagnosed with Celiac often avoid dairy for awhile, just while their gut heals. Many, that I've read of, are successful adding it back in after a few months of being totally gluten free.

    It might not hurt to get the blood test and see what it says about gluten sensitivity. The blood test isn't definitive, but it is a start. If you really cut down the amount of wheat/gluten you eat, then it may make a huge difference in how you feel. As for a complete gluten free lifestyle, that's easy. There are lots of products on the market that replace typical gluten laden items, but I avoid them. My butt and thighs don't need it and my stomach can't process the carbs from those alternative flours very well anyway. Eating gluten free is only difficult when I go out to a restaurant. I've got plenty of food choices when I cook at home. It IS hard to go completely gluten free, at first. But then you adjust and learn...and it becomes much easier.

    I have to say that I feel fantastic. I have days where I'm a bit run down, that's par for the course with thyroid issues. But they are rare...everyone, no matter whether they have thyroid issues feel run down at times. But, I had a complete turnaround with energy when I went GF. I also don't have nearly the joint pain and the puffiness in my face went away. People thought I lost a bunch of weight, but I didn't...just loss the puff.

    I wish you luck, whatever you decide to do!
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    Thanks for your stories!!! I'm headed to the Dr tomorrow as I had a small bun "Slimwich" with my lunch and feel just awful again. I will deal with whatever this is and have friends with Celiac so I know how many amazing products are out there. I'm hopeful that whatever changes I have to make they will help......and I agree, food is worth feeling this awful! Funny you also mentioned looking back....on Saturday I had some Triscuit crackers (100% whole wheat) before heading out (was going to miss dinner) and I felt awful during the movie (figured it was the movie I'm not too sure). Now I'm going to look back in my food log.
  • Hi! I am hypothyroid also, with Hashimoto's autoimmune, and I am 3 weeks gluten-free. Much like myalienbody said, I had signs of gluten intolerance nearly my whole life, but had no clue that was a potential problem. About two months ago, my gluten reactions became worse. Pasta and breads became my worst enemy, even though I loved them. I finally decided 3 weeks ago that I had to give it up. I noticed a difference after just three days! A lot of my thyroid symptoms diminished to bearable, and some non-existent. I lost three pounds in the first week, which was an added plus. I have more energy now than I've had in years. My constant cravings are gone, and now I find "real" food so delicious! I am looking into possible going Paleo, too. Good luck!
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    Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and have heard the same thing about gluten. I haven't tried cutting it out yet though. Interesting comments! :)