I'm New and need friends!!!

Just started on MFP. Please friend me so I can get a little motivation.


  • momtothreebabies
    momtothreebabies Posts: 106 Member
    I'm new too... we can work together ok?
  • Michelegg
    Michelegg Posts: 7 Member
    New here too and so in need of a few friends and support! Looking forward to getting to know you and maybe we can help each other along!
  • mom9198
    mom9198 Posts: 83 Member
    Me too! I joined a group of "friends of friends" in a "Biggest Loser" support & competition on FB and there's been almost zero support or posting. Looking forward to the forums on MFP to keep motivated & help others along the way!
  • LexxyV
    LexxyV Posts: 67 Member
    Need friends too! lol! I just added you!
  • Letty_c
    Letty_c Posts: 278 Member
    I could use some friends right now! Feel free to add me!