t_elliot Posts: 38 Member
Today will be my last day with my BMF armband for 9 days. Heading to the Riviera Maya. I have become pretty dependent on my armband and MFP. Weekends are tough for me so 9 days could be brutal. I don't plan on losing but I sure hope I can maintain. Adios my friends!


  • katevarner
    katevarner Posts: 884 Member
    Enjoy your vacation and strap your armband back on when you return!
  • elaine_des
    elaine_des Posts: 189 Member
    Have a good vacation and enjoy! a break is nice from time to time
  • zlauerMom
    zlauerMom Posts: 183 Member
    Have a great vacation.
  • hballack
    hballack Posts: 114 Member
    Have a great time! Good that you are leaving the armband home. You do not want that weird tan line!
  • mbgambill
    mbgambill Posts: 28 Member
    I am getting a little anxious about summer. I don't want my armband to show. I tried wearing a short sleeve shirt this weekend and it showed so I moved it to my leg. I know that it is only guaranteed accurate on your left arm but I am not going to let it show all summer. I am very addicted to it also! I don't want to quit wearing it! Any suggestions?
  • zlauerMom
    zlauerMom Posts: 183 Member
    I don't have any suggestions for hiding it, except looking for shirts with a slightly longer sleeve.

    I'm going to just wear mine. I plan to get a different colored armband or two and some of the skins.

    My thoughts for myself are- this is working for me, and it would be silly to let a little vanity get in the way of continued success.

    I am going to leave it off when I'm at the beach, mostly because I don't want to ruin the device and I'm wearing sunscreen for sure if I'm spending the day on the beach.
  • pitterpatti
    pitterpatti Posts: 33 Member
    I have no shame showing my armband. I am proud of the fact that I am doing something to better myself and increase health, so IMO, you should own it. Wear it with pride.
  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    I plan on wearing mine with short sleeves too and I ordered a couple different bands and am going to order some of the skins too. I probably won't wear it on the beach either because of the heat, but I can't imagine being without it! We are planning a trip to the Riviera Maya later this year too so I have to be in bathing suit shape by then!