Just Joined Medifast

Hey All,

I just joined Medifast tonight through a Take Shape For Life coach who is also doing it. I excited to get started on this and see how I do. :) I tried Weight Watchers and lost 25 pounds with them, but took over a year. I'm also doing this from a wheelchair so weight loss is a little more difficult. I work out at a gym 3 days a week and at home a few days a week. I want to lose about 40-50 pounds..

How do you guys like it?

Looking forward to getting to know you all through this new journey.


  • tgibbons1935
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    Hey, Kristi. Welcome to Medifast! It is an awesome program that has changed my life. Feel free to add me as a friend and there are a lot of us on here who support each other through this journey so be sure to look them up as well. If you have any questions about anything, just ask. Congrats on deciding to use Medifast.
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    Hi Kristi,

    I started on the Medifast program last May and lost 13 pounds right off the bat. Some of the food is better than others and everyone has their own favorites. I have been taking "liberties" with the program since last summer and really haven't lost a lot of weight. Sunday I decided I am going to get back on the program. So, I am on day 3 and so far so good. I also work with a health coach through Take Shape for Life, he is my primary doctor.

    I wish you the best of luck, and you can add me as a friend if you would like. The more support, the better we do!

  • browneyedgirl7928
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    Thanks ladies! I am excited to start this journey! My Take Shape for Life Coach has lost 28 pounds in a month...18 with Mediafast. I am over the moon to hear about his success and I hope I am just as successful. We are definitely going to hold each other accountable.

    I have printed the vegetable sheet and also going to take measurements weekly. I have written them out for the next 8 weeks so there are no excuses not to take them. I'll also be taking a trip to the grocery store this weekend and getting the things I can eat or add to my food to have on hand.

    My biggest thing that I am really going to miss is WHITE RICE. I am half Thai and have eaten it with pretty much ever piece of chicken or steak, my mom's Thai food, etc. since I could eat solid food at a baby. White rice is like another limb to me. However, I haven't eaten is near as much. The rice crop this year hasn't been as good as years passed so it doesn't take as good.

    I'm glad grilling season is approaching -- that will help a lot with the lean and green meals. :)

    If you have any links or tips on anything just let me know. I will do my best to contribute too once I get the hang of this program.

    Good luck everyone!
  • browneyedgirl7928
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    My Medifast shipped today! I hope it comes fast. I am eager to start it! I appreciate everyone's tips.
  • ukfan222
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    i am on month two of Medifast and i lost 10 pounds in Feb. i am loving this diet - something i feel i can stick to. Usually i am so hungry by dinner on other diets that i binge at dinner but on Medifast i can control myself - that alone is a great feeling. Feel free to add me as a friend!
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    Hi joined Medifast in Feb a week ago, so far so good. Love this plan, hope we all lose a lot of weight on it!
  • styckx
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    I started on 3 days ago and lost 5.2 pounds so far! Love it!
  • browneyedgirl7928
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    That is awesome styckx!

    I emailed my coach last night about exercising. I ride an FES bike at the gym from an hour to two hours 3 days a week, plus some intense weight lifting and I also ride my motorized bike at home for an hour or two too. According to the DVDs you are supposed to slow down your exercise for the first 3 weeks. I emailed him my concerns and suggestions about cutting bike down to a half hour, but he said he has some things for me to do that will maximize my experience with Medifast. He started the accessible gym and knows how to work with people with disabilities so I think this will help a lot. On top of that my coach is a Physical Therapist so he knows the body and he is doing well on the program too.

    I'm not a big fan of exercise, but I KNOW I have to do it. Can't say that I don't mind that they recommend cutting some of it out! At least for a little while. Hey, if I lose weight and don't have to do all my reps at the gym, I'm OK with that!
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    Hello and welcome! You'll do great! I love your ticker btw!:drinker:
  • browneyedgirl7928
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    I love yours as well!! :smile: :drinker:
  • Hi there! So far I love medifast! I have been on plan for 16 days and have lost 17.4 lbs so far. I love it! After the inital start where you feel deprived and hungry, it is a super easy program to follow. I use a variety of spices in the foods for now to spruce them up so they aren't so bland.

    Good luck on the program to everyone who is on it! Hoping to actually hit my goal of dropping 25lbs in my first month. Can't even believe that is a reality right now! ALSO, I love having a health coach! Take advantage of all Medifast has to offer! :)
  • Monisfit4life
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    Welcome!!! I just started 5 days ago and I am down 6 pounds. Feel free to add me as a friend as well. Since I am new I would love to have more MF friends. :smile: I love this plan. I am not hungry at all and I have hardly had any sugar withdrawal symptoms which I LOVE. I guess I am getting enough carbs to keep me going. I love the nutrition in the food and my energy is off the charts! I am excited to be starting week 2 in a couple of days!!!
  • PippaJo_
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    Yeah, no sugar withdrawal! I hadn't even thought of that, but you're right!

    The couple of times that I really felt like I needed something 'sweet', I had a brownie or soft serve or pudding - took care of it.

    Wow. I am a sugar-holic, and giving it up before was pretty painful. This stuff isn't sugar-free, but I'm not craving jelly beans or candy bars, so.....wow. That was quick. O_O