Newbie Alert!!

Hi all, I'm a newbie and should be starting Friday or Saturday. I am sooo excited to start this journey and would like to meet some new friends that are on their MF journey too. I don't have a TSFL coach and am thinking about getting one. I went to a center in my area last week and was going to join with them until they told me the cost!!! OMG, $700 to start and $80 per week for food. I can't afford that so I ordered online. I also chose my food so I hope I like the selection. Well, here's to wishing everyone a great week and happy losses:flowerforyou:


  • kaitie23
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    Welcome to the family. The centers can be expensive. Many do the online ordering and hit up the chat boards to get advice from others on the diet.
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    Hi there! I just ordered my stuff today, so I should be starting mine next week when it arrives.
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    Welcome to MF! I started my journey at one of the centers and my husband and I started the journey together so yes it wasn't cheap but it has changed my life so it was worth every penny! I am still 10 pounds away from my goal weight but granted I have not been sticking to the plan 100% so I know why it isn't happening but I am working out four times a week and am still losing inches so I am not complaining. The biggest thing for me on this journey is changing my eating habits and it has been so awesome and what I desperately needed. but if you stick to the plan, it does work and will get you where you need to be. I love having the structured 5 meals a day and then on Sundays I cook a meal that we eat all week for our L&G. I am also studying to become a certified personal trainer so the program has changed my life completely and it can for you too. We are all here to support each other and just remember that life happens but it isn't the end of the world if you get off plan. Just forget about it and move on.
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    Add me, too!!!!! ::waves bingo-bat-winged-arm::

    This is my 2nd attempt. I lost 16lbs with it the first time in a month, and I had to get off plan, due to the cost.

    But I'm back with a vengeance!!!!!!!

    (oh, and just a fair warning.... in my food diary, I add more condiments than I should, so don't give me ten kinds of hell please :bigsmile: Otherwise, I do fairly well!!!! lol)
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    Congrats for making the jump. Make sure you have the free snacks on hand for those first couple days. chicken bullion helps as well. Once you are past the first 3-4 days its great. I'm 6 pounds away from goal, and still can't believe it.
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    I second the chicken/beef bouillon. I had headaches for the first two days and the broth helped a lot.
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    Yay, more newbies!

    I must be one of the lucky ones - the first few days weren't bad for me at all, and whatever headache I might have had was more likely due to my needing a chiropractic adjustment!

    I've done intermittent fasting previous to this, though, so I've had practice at just ignoring 'hunger' pangs. (Actually, hunger's never been my issue with losing weight - nor has gain been due to massive overeating - I just think that my body's chemistry is out of whack, and has trouble with carbs, and I hate food prep so much that trying to go low-carb entirely on my own sounded like utter torture.)

    Holy cow, the centers are $700 *on top* of food? That's a heck of a lot to pay for accountability. Yikes. I'm so glad that I'm naturally a do-it-yourself-er in a lot of ways. I can find cheerleading anywhere (and I don't need much) - I'd never want to pay someone for that.

    The cost of the food alone kept me off this for too long - it's not cheap (unless you're one of those people who spends a fortune on name brands at the high-end grocery store....), but nothing else worked for me, because everything else was *hard*...and just felt pointless with so little result to show for such massive effort. I figured, if this actually works (and the chemistry of it made sense to me), then the cost will be worth it, and it's only temporary anyway, since I don't have that much to lose.

    And so far, this really has been so easy. As long as I can keep seeing that, FINALLY, "do this" = "get result", then doing whatever it takes is the easiest thing in the world. Why would you want to fall off *that* wagon, you know? :-)
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    You can add me too. I didn't realize there are MF (TSFL) users on here. :)
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    Feel free to add me -- I'm doing the TSFL program and loving it!!!:smile:
  • Welcome and you can do it. I am not a big diet person and was not sure how it would work for me. I thought it was going to be too expensive until I sat down and did the math - around $16 a day plus lean and green. I was already spending around $10 a day for lunch so it wasn't that far out of my existing budget. I was very successful and lost over 80 pounds in a short period of time. I was 100% on plan and drank tons of water. I did not go overboard on the exercise either.

    I recommend you check out the Medifast forums - especially the one where people discuss the food. It will give you tips on how to prepare the stuff and ways to make it differently - so you might actually like some of the meals. I actually always used low sodium chicken broth when I made my soups (and soaked them at least a day). I used the pudding and made a custard for my evening (6th) meal (with 1 Tbls of fat free cool whip) or I did the brownie with Torini sugar free Raspberry syrup (for 1/2 of the water). The syrups can be a great thing too.

    Good luck and it can work for you. The forums are a great place for support too.