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Any Paleo Cavewoman Runners out there have some advice as to what to eat for energy during longer runs?

I've been a cavelady for over 3 months and now that I'm happy with my weight/shape- I'm beginning to get more serious about running.
I ran a 5K last night and it seemed a little easy. I'm going to start upping the miles on my long runs, I want to run my first half marathon in the Fall. But you know what I'm going to ask:
What can I eat for the extra endurance I will need?
I used to have pasta or rice the night before. I used to eat half a piece of peanut butter toast the morning of my race.
Now I have a TBSP of almond butter, maybe some nuts, and a little coffee and I'm fine for a 5K.
What helps give you the long lasting energy you need for long runs?
Do you drink gatorade?
Do you eat grains before a long run?
Will I get a horrible stomach ache during my run if I have rice/pasta/bread for the first time in months?

Thanks for your help, tips, and encouragement, Paleo runners!


  • alexis214
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    Hello, I run 4 to 6 miles daily and have been Paleo for 5 months. I do not eat anything special before or after runs. I do drink a sugar free power aide if I have one onhand. I notice that I have lots of energy eating Paleo. I love it!
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    Extra fat... I'm a marathoner and while eating Paleo, I get super hungry at like 5 miles if I don't refuel. But I will eat 1tbs coconut oil straight off the spoon to give my body the fat it needs to burn longer without fading.. I use honey stinger products (either waffle stingers or gels) they're decent and don't bug my stomach so bad, I also take electrolyte capsules instead of artificially sweetened sports drinks.
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    I like electrolyte capsules when i'm running, any of the sports drinks make me vomit.

    If you are planning on running less than an hour, you don't need any fuel during your run. If you go more than that, you should take in about 100 calories every hour. I've been running for 10 years and feel fine with about 50/calories per half hour if i start a half hour in. otherwise, my deficit becomes to great and i get sick.

    It's been a struggle for me to figure out a perfect mix. I would think fruit/protein before the run is a sufficient mix. You can find/make products that are sweetened with honey for during your run, for the carb pick up.
  • shvrngrl
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    I make a bar using 2/3c. of dried fruit and 1/3 c. of nuts. I haven't found a great electrolyte replacement drink but am looking at Elite Electrolyte company that was blogged about by the Whole 30. I will only eat and drink if I'm training for long distances. If my runs are under an hour I don't use any replenishers. I find if I run more than 8 miles I need to start eating and drinking otherwise by mile 12 I'll bonk and start cramping.
  • shvrngrl
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    You have to train your eating as well as your running. I've done 3 half marathons and my first one I never considered how to replenish and cramped and bonked.. My second I ate at every aid station which was every 2-3 miles. If I eat too much I thow up. Too little and I cramp and bonk. Train your eating when you do your long runs. I'm currently training for half number 3 and this will be my fist one paleo.