Week 2 Challenge WATER

mlanggin88 Posts: 209 Member
Alright this week we are going to focus on WATER... WATER is a huge part of weight loss..

Challenge Goal: Drink half of your weight in water.......
(EXAMPLE) I weigh 252. Half of my weight is 126...... So I need to drink 126 oz of water each day

Can you drink half your weight in water?

Who is with me??
I have researched some interesting things about the greatness of water.. Below is what I found (part of link: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2007/07/9-great-reasons-to-drink-water-and-how.html)

1. Weight Loss
> Replaces high calorie drinks with No fat No calorie drinks and helps suppress appetites when the body is not really hungry
2. Heart Healthy
> Lowers risk of heart attack
3. Energy
> Dehydration can sap energy and make you feel tired
4. Head Ache Cure
> Another symptom of dehydration that can be cured with more water
5. Healthy Skin
> Known to clear skin
6. Digestive Problems
> Clears stomach acids and helps the body digest
7. Cleansing
> Helps flush the body out of toxins and wast products
8. Cancer Risk
> Been known to reduce cancer risk
9. Better Exercise
> Being dehydrated can severely hamper athletic activities, slowing you down and making it harder to lift weights.


  • Helen_Luvnlife
    Helen_Luvnlife Posts: 230 Member
    I weigh 174 so that would be 87 ounces, so 11 cups. I can do this. I have not been drinking enough aster do this is a great challenge! I'm in!
  • italianpeddler
    italianpeddler Posts: 17 Member
    I need to improve my water anyway so this is a great incentive. I now weight 192.5 so I need to do 96.5 ounces. That seems like a lot but I know when I drink water I feel better so I am going to give it a shot. I will fill up my water bottle right after I hit send

    Have a good week everyone
  • mlerand62
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    I am in. 16 1/2 glasses of water. That better flush out something.:laugh:
  • mocatinho
    mocatinho Posts: 65
    I can do this! 137 ounces of water daily -
  • lem_orc29
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    I just saw this...but I'm totally doing it! I weigh about 217 right now...so about 109 ounces...and that's 14 glasses of water a day (rounding up!). so far I'm doing great! I tend to drink at least 18 glasses a day, so I think I'm good!