Captains and Crew Needed.

Let me know who is interested in earning a position as a Captain (Capo) or becoming a big earner as a soldier (button) of the family. The soldiers report to the Captains, and the Captains report to the Boss (The Don).


  • Prizm55
    Prizm55 Posts: 39 Member
    Morning, I am interested in being on your crew. I will be accountable, and will stick with it. I cant be a captain at this time, between school (nursing to start soon) and work and everything else I would not do the job justice and I don't want to let anyone down. Maybe in the future. But again, please assign me to your crew and I will be a team player! Thanks for making it closed, appreciate that.
  • farmwife3815
    farmwife3815 Posts: 326 Member
    I'm interested. I got overwhelmed with all the challenges I was in but most have ended and I would like to be in just one or two and this sounds good!! I can be a leader. I like motivating people and part of my problem before was that i just couldn't keep track of all I was in!! So the idea of a "captain" sounds great. Then there would be reminders and such!! Great idea!! Please let me know how I can help!
  • Romes08
    Romes08 Posts: 114 Member
    I would also like to be part of a crew. I am unable to be a captain because of work nd school but I would like to be a crew member!
  • krickan03
    krickan03 Posts: 57 Member
    Sounds like a great idea! I am in. Normally I would say yes to being a captain, but right now I have WAY too much on my plate that I don't think I will be able to be a good captain. But think this is a great challenge!
  • admmommy
    admmommy Posts: 143 Member
    Sounds great I'm in! I can be a captain. I need people to hold me accountable so I can do the same to others.
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member
    I would love to participate, I have a knee injury that hinders most exercise as the moment, but am a great drill sargent to get others motivated
  • Momwasix
    Momwasix Posts: 666 Member
    captain is here have no fear we are going to whip up girls into shape now give me 20
  • MurallyAnn
    MurallyAnn Posts: 173 Member
    sign me up to be one of the Crew! Thanks for putting this all together!
  • Tymeshia
    Tymeshia Posts: 193 Member
    I can't be a captain due to work, school, my family, and I'm head a group for next 20 weeks
  • hifromjamers1984
    hifromjamers1984 Posts: 300 Member
    I'd love to be part of a crew!
  • Sunsama
    Sunsama Posts: 100 Member
    I would love to be a crew member please! I am going to school and work full time so I unfortunately cannot be a captain =\ But I definitely would love to be a crew member!!
  • meaghan2008
    meaghan2008 Posts: 401 Member
    I'll be apart of the crew :D
  • mwoods5716
    mwoods5716 Posts: 194 Member
    Crew all the way, then I can work my way up
  • heppin1
    heppin1 Posts: 32 Member
    Just part of the crew please :)
  • Taraanne76
    Taraanne76 Posts: 111 Member
    I'm not a natural leader, but I have extra time so put me wherever you need ppl.
  • Learning2LoveMe
    Learning2LoveMe Posts: 1,430 Member
    I would love to be a part of the crew.
  • Kari089
    Kari089 Posts: 126 Member
    It's soldier for me! need someone to kick my behind and get back into gear :)
  • mdcjmom
    mdcjmom Posts: 597 Member
    Its up to you. You know what I am capable of. maybe this time I will take a backseat and be a soldier.
  • Kimberly3013
    Kimberly3013 Posts: 78 Member
    I would like to be part of the crew. As much as I love to be a captain and motivate I have too much on my plate right now. I don't want to let anyone down but I will log on daily and report as required.
  • mocatinho
    mocatinho Posts: 65
    Soldier (button) for me - I'm excited for this challenge.