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W3D2 complete shoe help and small NSV

jriehl08 Posts: 157 Member
Im a heavy guy (working on that) 239 lbs 5'5" tall. I completed my run today with 10 minutes of continuous running as I knew I had more in me then what the program for today told me to do. The only thing I found was that my shoes(k-swiss) shoes are not made for that much runing at my weight. Ill get getting a new pair of shoes this weekend to help out my feet a bit. Im thinking NewBalance or reebok. I am looking at spending about 50 bucks on the shoes. Hope I can find a pair that feel good.


  • mamakira
    mamakira Posts: 366
    I am not a big help when it comes to shoes. I chose a pair of asics when they were on sale. I seem to have a neutral step. I love my shoes and never had problems. Since I started running I am more aware of the problems that people can have with the wrong shoes. Luckily I don´t have any of those problems.

    For me it was important that the shoe feels light and soft, that I had enough space for my toes. My shoe is 2/3 of a size bigger than my regular shoesize. And that I didn´t feel any pressure while trying it.

    Go to a shoestore/running store and let them look at your feet. I did that here now and there was nothing new they could tell me but maybe they can give you some advice.

    And keep up with your training, C25K will give you great results in a short time!
  • lisa799
    lisa799 Posts: 79 Member
    I always recommend going to an actual running specialty store and getting fitted for running shoes. However, it sounds like that might not be in your budget, so a few tips to get you through until you're ready to take that step (maybe later as a reward for sticking with your program!):

    For $50, you can probably find something at Kohl's or even on sale at a sporting goods store - you may have to go to more than one place to find something that works for your feet at your price point.
    Don't make the decision solely based on price. If you do and they hurt your feet and/or knees, you will have regrets later!
    Try on BOTH shoes (and maybe go up - or down - a half size from your usual size if they feel at all loose or snug....don't be married to a size, just try some things out. Also remember, chances are your feet will swell at least a little while running.)
    Once you have them both on, try to jog even 8-10 steps down the aisle or something - if the shoe is fitting right, it will feel like a natural extension of your foot and won't be rubbing or pinching.
  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    Here's some good information:

    If you have access to a running store, get fitted there even if you don't buy any shoes. That will help you learn what to look for. They will also assess your gait.

    By the way, great job on the run!
  • xtrout
    xtrout Posts: 193 Member
    Running Shoe Warehouse has a good shoe liquidation section.

    Like everyone says, get into a shoe store to be fitted. This is imperative if you don't want to risk injury. Once you find out how your arches are and if you pronate a little (or a lot, or not at all), then you will have the info to get the right shoe for you.

    I over pronate mildly so I run in the Saucony Guide 5 currently. Was thinking about trying something else since my shoes are an old model. Found a pair at the warehouse yesterday for $42.00. Glad I did because I didn't want to risk the wrong fit for my upcoming half marathon.

    Start off with something with a bit of cushion. Your knees will thank you. Good luck!