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Need Experienced Paleo Friends

Thyme4change Posts: 46 Member
I have been following a low carb life style for just over a year. I just accepted that all carbs are not created equal, hence I am am morphing from a LC'er to a Paleo Butterfly...meaning it is a process which I embrace and in my infant stage...

I am looking for Paleo friends who are experienced in this life style. I want to be able to share the good, the bad and the ugly and have friends on my list who get it. (I do have calorie friends who have been awesome, but we talk a different food language) Who have discovered the wisdom of making this change.

I am insulin resistant, 48, for a a couple more weeks, happily married w 3 children+ a daughter in law. I work out 4-5x a week and getting fitter and healthier with each day. And I am already feeling such a big energy surge just in the past three by cutting out all grains and all artificial sweeteners :) I check my ketones everyday (habit) which was reading small and with in 36 hours it went to moderate while fully hydrated.

I am in this for the long haul and looking for like minded people who are patient with some one who isn't a 'clean' Paleo...yet :D



  • TimFranklin423
    TimFranklin423 Posts: 26 Member
    Hey Thyme :)

    I'm kind of in the same boat as you are! I started off seriously trying to get more healthy about a month ago. My trainer and I talked about Keto and Paleo diets and he said that the science was sound behind them, so I decided to give them a try. I really need to do a better job of logging everything I eat per day, but I have absolutely noticed my sessions in the gym are becoming much more impressive since I started eating paleo.

    Even my wife noticed a change in me rather quickly and she has decided to jump on board with me, and we're even getting our kids involved in it, as well. I did have about a 4 day long "lull" from my lack of grains at first, so I had a hard time staying awake at work. (thank goodness my office has a closed door!) But once my body quit pitching a fit about not getting breads and stuff anymore, I actually started getting a huge surge of energy.

    There's even some days when I wake up about 45 mins before my alarm clock, and I have to find something to clean around the house because my trainer or workout partner doesn't meet me at the gym until much later.

    I think the hardest parts so far for me have been my loss of appetite. My wife makes dinners and lunches from the "Everyday Paleo" book and they are just so filling, that it's hard to force myself to eat so that I can hit my protein macros for the day. Once I cut out all of the grains and sugars from my diet it almost seems difficult to eat a lot of calories. I mean, there's only so many steaks and plates full of raw veggies you can eat with boiled eggs before you start to feel like you'll pop.

    Also, I should mention that I've been trying out Intermittent Fasting as of about a week ago. The reason I started that is because; 1, I'm not really hungry during the day, and 2, I try to avoid taking a lunch break at work so I can leave earlier and take the kids to a park or walk my dog before it's dark outside. That may be the reason it's so hard to get my calories in for the day, because clean foods are so low cal, that it's hard to stuff myself with them and hit the higher numbers that someone my size would usually have. (240lbs)

    Holy crap, just realized how long this was....sorry for that. I'll add you! :D
  • Twibbly
    Twibbly Posts: 1,065 Member
    I am in this for the long haul and looking for like minded people who are patient with some one who isn't a 'clean' Paleo...yet :D

    I just finished a leftover GF pizza for lunch. We're not talking about the Tootsie Rolls. The kids' Easter candy needs to go to grandma's house...

    I *should* be eating clean paleo, but I think we're just going to get rid of what we have, then focus on clean paleo.

    I've eaten a diet on the Primal end before for several months (up until my then-fiance, now hubby, moved in) and was down about 25 pounds and feeling much better.
  • pattyproulx
    pattyproulx Posts: 603 Member
    Feel free to add me.

    I'm 3 years Paleo, but I'm still not perfect with it. :)

    (Had a potluck today at work and cheated - didn't want to make my team feel bad - so if you're checking my diary it won't look good today!)
  • Cerebrus189
    Cerebrus189 Posts: 315 Member
    Feel free to add me too. I've been doing Paleo for over a year, and am now well into my squeaky clean Paleo phase (again). My kids do it and so does my husband.
  • spirit80
    spirit80 Posts: 327 Member
    Paleo for over a year. Always here to help.
  • prisan512
    prisan512 Posts: 38 Member
    Also looking into finding more Paleo friends on here...
  • Thyme4change
    Thyme4change Posts: 46 Member
    Thanks everyone!!! Great to see people of all levels and experience.

    I must say this is the best I have ever felt and converting our 23 year old daughters well. And hubby I will too without him ever knowing by slowly eliminating his rice :D

    The carb flu is horrible, but the energy is great...hope this time my body will switch over to fat burn...never did w low carb'ing even after four mths w the carb flu...

  • njdoll
    njdoll Posts: 106 Member
    I celebrated my one year primal anniversary in January. Feel free to add me.
  • Randyamc
    Randyamc Posts: 365 Member
    Also trying to get better at this paleo thing, feel free to add me also. I'm in no way experienced with it though lol
  • Christie_I
    I have been very successful with Paleo in the past, but had too many bingeing issues. I have (finally!!!!) come to the realization that I don't have to be Mrs Perfect Paleo 2013 ;)

    I do feel better when I eat this way, but I am not going to squash cravings so much that I "fall off the wagon". I am going to actually make it a lifestyle.
  • amanda6393
    amanda6393 Posts: 176 Member
    Feel free to add me, paleo/primal for about 18 months :smile:
  • tantinah
    tantinah Posts: 15 Member
    Same also feel free to add me, I am newer to whole30/paleo but have gotten pretty good at it. Always looking for supportive paleo friends.