mac n cheese made me feel sick

lisa77marie Posts: 46 Member
I am feeling sick to my stomach after trying the mac and cheese for the first time - have any of you experienced that? Maybe it's just a coincidence.


  • Artemis_Acorn
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    I didn't have that experience, but I do admit that I have had an excessively gurgle-y tummy after some MF meals. It was more frequent when I first started, and only happens occasionally now. I suspect that the composition of the food is something our systems have to adapt to.
  • Monisfit4life
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    The food is really high in fiber so that could be why.
  • browneyedgirl7928
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    How did it taste? Mac n Cheese is one of my favorite foods, but would like to know how MF Mac is before buying it.
  • PippaJo_
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    I thought I would like the mac & cheese more than I do. :-(

    The prep is kind of labor-intensive (stir, nuke, sit, nuke, stir, sit) - and so far, I haven't gotten the water ratio right yet. Too little, and it doesn't cook well and clumps, too much, and the sauce is quite runny.

    If you're really craving pasta, it'll do, I suppose, but after I've now had a couple of packets, I've decided that I'm not craving pasta all that much, LOL!
  • VTLois
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    I don't stir, nuke, stir, nuke any of my meals including the mac and cheese. I put the package with whatever amount of water called for into an over-sized microwavable bowl, cover with plastic, and nuke the full amount of time.

    My sloppy joes and beef stew I soak first-that's a tip I got from someone on here. If I plan on them during the day, I soak in the morning.

    I don't care for the mac and cheese much, but my daughter likes it. She doesn't like the sloppy joes, but I do. All personal taste.

    It helps to have lots of no-salt seasoning on hand!
  • irisia99
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    I have a tip for mac n cheese prep! At work, we have a hot/cold water dispenser. About 30 min before my meal time, I add ~1/2 cup of hot water to my tupperware, add the mac n cheese, mix well, and let soak for a long time (up to 30 min). Then I nuke for 90 seconds, stir, wait a little (like 20 seconds), nuke again for 60 seconds and it's done. The soaking in hot water thickens the "sauce" so there's almost no boil over (I still watch it while it's in the microwave) and the noodles get fully swollen and cooked. I add a pinch of oregano and crushed red pepper flakes. I like it but I eat every day at work and I'm getting a teeny bit sick of it.
  • dwhitmoyer
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    It sort of smells like really movie popcorn butter. But it's a change anyway. I do like the sloppy joe and most of the non-cream based soups.
  • dwhitmoyer
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    Soy can upset people's stomachs if they're not used to it. After a few days, the gurgling tends to calm down somewhat, at least for me.
  • I love the mac and cheese. I put mine in a container with cold water. I keep it in that for a couple hours and then I microwave it. I watch it and when it starts to bubble, I stop it. I stir it and let it sit for a few minutes and it thickens up.
  • tgibbons1935
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    It does have a different taste to it but I add fresh salsa and a wedge of the light Laughing Cow cheese and it makes it much easier to eat. I live in San Antonio, Texas so I use Julios Salsa which is fresh and very tasty. It does satisfy a craving for pasta.
  • dwhitmoyer
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    I had some last week and ended up feeling sick later that evening, even though I'd eaten it once before without a reaction. So I may just have had a 24 stomach bug coincidentally. I guess I'll find out the next time i try it.
  • dugrn
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    I made mine with 1/2 cup almond milk last night. this was after letting it soak for 2 hours. Very creamy
  • Have not tried it yet. I am not a big fan of mac and cheese so it is last on the list of things to try.