Stomach flu

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Last week I had a nasty gastrointestinal bug that put me on saltines and Gatorade for three days starting on Wednesday. After it was over, I tried eating my Medifast food, and it seriously upset my stomach every time. I wound up eating bland carbs like white rice and noodles on Saturday, (trying Medifast food in-between) and Sunday was the same. I forced the issue on Monday, and so have been back on plan for two days, but I'm really still struggling with it not setting well on my stomach.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this before? Any idea how long it might take before my body adapts back? I had lots of "gurgles" in my first couple of weeks on Medifast, but this is different. Is Medifast harder to digest than "ordinary" food?


  • tgibbons1935
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    So sorry to hear that you have been so miserable lately. I would think that it probably will take your body a few more days to get back to normal so just listen to it because it is happening for a reason. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you and that you can get back on track soon.
  • dugrn
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    If it were me, I would stay low carb and avoid the soy that is in MF meals until my stomach was feeling better. instead of rice eat salad and so on.
  • PippaJo_
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    I agree - it probably is the soy. Your gastrointestinal flora probably got temporarily altered by the bug, and now it's not as easily able to handle the soy. (These things can change over time - there's a particular soy food that I've eaten all my life - and although it never used to give me trouble that I noticed, in the past few years I've discovered that I am terribly gassy after I eat it - sometimes to the point of being mildly nauseous. But not every time, strangely enough.)

    I don't think MF food is 'harder to digest', exactly - it's just that it has things in it that can create little 'chemistry experiments' in your gut, depending on a myriad of individual factors. (Also, I'd definitely stay away from the sugar alcohols as much as possible while you're still not 100% - no need to make things worse than they have to be.)