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Okay, so I've been a smidge disappointed, because in six weeks, I've only lost about 10 pounds.

I keep telling myself that it's actually pretty great, given that I'm rather short (5'1"), and only have 30-40 to lose to start with. It's just hard to put '10/6' up against '28/4', or '35/6' or whatever. I know the nitty-gritties are different, and I just need to hang in there, but it's still tough.

It's also additionally frustrating to me, because psychologically speaking, I often "feel" like I haven't really lost any weight at all....because this 10 pounds was just the 'holiday weight' that decided to stick around. My typical weight has hovered around 137-142 for years, now. I started MF at about 147-148, but that weight hadn't 'set in', psychologically. I still 'see' myself at 137, because that's the low end of my range.

But you ladies know how it is, right? You have a range, and your weight fluctuates based on TOM, phases of the moon, weather, whatever, LOL. So if I 'lose' anything within that range, it doesn't feel like losing. I could see it again tomorrow. In fact, since my range is about 5 pounds....often it doesn't feel like 'losing' even if I go about 5 pounds *below* the lower end of my usual range. Because a 5-pound fluctuation is very typical for me. (I hit 133 for a short time last August without trying or doing anything - I really don't know how it happened, therefore I couldn't replicate it.)

So, I checked in this morning at 136.2. It does feel good, not gonna lie, because I *have* lost weight. It's just not weight that I'd ever felt like I'd really 'owned', so it doesn't feel like I've made any progress. I don't think I'll feel like progress is being made until I hit 130 (the weight that was a long-term 'set point' for me before kids - though a lot of that was muscle that I don't have now, so the clothing size was a lot smaller).

But. That's not even what I wanted to talk about, LOL!

When I started this, I dug up an old belt, because I knew I'd need it. I hadn't been wearing belts for ages, because who likes to emphasize a spare tire, you know? But my butt is *extremely* flat, and pants will slide right off with a tiny bit of extra room, so I was prepped.

At first, I was on the first hole - that didn't last long. Moved to the second hole probably by week 2, after that initial larger loss. Today, I wore the belt with a pair of fairly snug/stretchy jeans that I usually don't even consider wearing a belt with - just in case. I just snugged it up, and found that I could mostly-comfortably wear it at hole 3, right in the middle. This belt has barely any 'wear' at that hole - it's mostly at #2. I didn't leave it at 3, because I didn't think it would be comfortable sitting at my desk for a long time, or through lunch, LOL, but......it's there! Not too long now, and it'll be at 3 on a daily basis.

Yay! now *that* does feel like progress. :-)


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    Belts are great aren't they!!

    I love using my belt as a gauge for weightloss. It can tell a story that the scale cannot. My current belt has 7 holes in it. I'm currently on the last one. When I started I was on hole 6.
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    I love that I've been able to get back into old jeans that were previously too tight!
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    Sometimes the scale SUCKS!

    We need to look at the inches lost and how are clothes fit too to help keep us motivated :)

    I hear you on EVERYTHING you posted above. The *almost* 8 lbs I just lost this first week were the 8 lbs I put on in the 2 weeks leading up to starting MF. I'm just trying to keep positive and remind myself that it might have taken me 2 maybe even 3 weeks to lose that 8 lbs instead of the 1.

    Now if the next 2 weeks would just speed up so I can add exercise back in already!
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    Yaayyy for you!! I was frustrated just like you because I wasn't losing a lot of weight, but I lost a lot of inches and that sounds like what is happening for you so don't get frustrated by the scale. I have finally hit the 30 lb mark and I still have 10 more to go, but I have lost about 34 inches and that is what is important! If you aren't measuring yourself, be sure to do it. I go to a MF center and I know a lot of people can't afford to do it because it is really expensive, but it was so worth it for me. I just went today and did another InBody measurement and the numbers are amazing and so motivating. When I started the program back in August 2012, I had 42 lbs of fat mass according the InBody and now I have 18! I was like you because I knew things were fitting differently, but the weight wasn't coming off but don't let it frustrate you! I am having the hardest time losing the last 10 pounds but I am also not staying on plan 7 days a week and I know if I did, that would happen. Stay strong and know that what you are doing is working and don't get discouraged by the scale.
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    I just started the medifast program. I have 45-50 lbs. to lose. I too am only 5'1 so it was so overwhelming to see that I was sooooo overweight. I would love to hear how others are doing on medifast. Thanks