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detoxing from dental surgery

MetalluxMetallux Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member
Hello everyone-- I just had dental surgery and a bunch or dental procedures done over the past 10 days. During that time, I was mostly eating yogurt, simple soup, and downing gallons of water in an effort to help my body flush out all the toxins. I'm now about 5 days out from the last procedure and have developed a huge rash/small zits covering my entire upper chest, neck, and jawline.

I've been surfing for sites about ways to help the body detox from dental work. I'm sure that my body suffered a lot of trauma from the surgery itself, the numbing agents, 15 day course antibiotics, codeine, high dosage acetaminophen, metal fillings being drilled out. The pain is subsiding, and I actually feel pretty good energy wise, but my body is telling another story.

All the work and medicine have been a nightmare of toxicity to me, but I simply had to have all this work. I HATE taking antibiotics and will ALWAYS refuse them if I can, as well as ANY drugs, alcohol, and down to processed foods, dyes, preservatives etc...

Now that I'm recovering, I'm downing 16-32 oz of green juice a day, including cilantro and parsley. And probably preparing a beet juice for later today. I'm taking a 60 day vegan challenge starting a few days ago (but have been transitioning successfully over the last 2 months), and am also transitioning more fully to raw food.

Can anyone tell me some great links concerning medical work detox? I'm also looking for information about food recipes to aid healing, as well as insight about the rash. I'm pretty sure its from having been on codeine, but it seems to be all around my lymph node areas. I'm not interested in going to the doctor for more more pills or medicine about the rash as I'm pretty sure its just detox from all the work I had done.

Thanks for your insight!


  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    I think green juice is a great plan - and if your rash is detox - which it probably is - nothing to do but let it happen as it pushes this stuff out of your system. Whenever I take a break from hot yoga and then go back, my skin breaks out like crazy. It's got to push out all of the toxins that got left inside while I wasn't doing yoga.

    Those are my two cents, I know that doesn't really answer the question you are asking.
  • MetalluxMetallux Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member
    hot yoga! that sounds just like where I'm heading next with my exercise. I love the steam room at my gym.

    Green juice and beet juice seem to have helped. After that post on the 13th, I made up a beet, lemon, cucumber juice, a little heavier on the beet juice. I also drank a ton of water, and (sorry to the squeamish out there) had a colonic that night.

    I'm always surprised how great my skin looks after a beet juice. the rash was still there the next day, but the day after, it was like it just disappeared over night. I'm mostly now just getting back into raw food since my gum stitches are healed and drinking detox tea everyday. I'm also including a lot of fiber foods again in the morning with oatmeal, like chia seed and ground flax.
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